#543 – Victoria’s Secret


Victoria's Secret

I really had no idea underwear could be so expensive or complicated.

Until I got married I didn’t know that women’s undergarments could be so complicated. As a guy I have evolved from briefs, to boxers and now to boxer briefs. There have been small variations through that evolution but it’s pretty much the same concept.

Women’s underwear is not nearly as simple. Neither was ordering a shirt from Victoria’s Secret for Alycia before we got married.

I have been a Cubs fan my entire life. As long as I can remember I knew that my favorite baseball team was the Cubs. When Alycia and I were dating I wanted to make sure that my love for the Cubs was transferred to her. Not only did I make her watch games with me, but I also bought her a Cubs shirt from Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret has a line of cute baseball clothing for women and I ordered Alycia a shirt.

Several weeks later I received a message on Facebook from someone I didn’t know. She said that she lived on my street and knew that I was a pastor. Apparently she had received some of my mail including a catalog for Victoria’s Secret. She was concerned that a pastor would be receiving Victoria’s Secrets catalogs in the mail. I assured her that I only received the catalog because I’d bought a shirt for my fiancée.

In that moment and to this day I still don’t know how I should have reacted to someone sending me a message on Facebook out of the blue. I didn’t know this person and it seemed a little creepy that she knew me and knew that I was a pastor. I appreciate that she was holding me accountable but I hadn’t invited her to hold me accountable.

I assume she thought I was looking lustfully through the catalog.

But maybe she was concerned that I was buying clothes for myself.

Maybe she thought I had a mistress for who I was buying lingerie.

I don’t know.

It’s a little scary that someone I didn’t know was watching me. It’s even scarier to think that I could have damaged her perception of Christians had I been lustfully perusing the catalog or wearing women’s underwear. If we are followers of Jesus we are also his ambassadors. We need to live our lives in a manner worthy of him.

Regardless of how complicated our underwear is.

How would you have felt had you received that message?


7 comments on “#543 – Victoria’s Secret”

  1. “I appreciate that she was holding me accountable but I hadn’t invited her to hold me accountable.” – I think that is an important point. Christians are called to hold each other accountable, yes; but (1) that isn’t the same as being given license to be busybodies – this woman got your mail by accident, the only thing incumbent upon her was to give it back and give you the benefit of the doubt, since she doesn’t know you; and (2) following on that, we can only really hold accountable those who trust and respect us, those with whom we are in relationship.

    I suppose, on the other hand, we are also called to speak out against vice – but since there was no vice in this situation, I think a dose of humility for your neighbor should’ve taken precedence. At the very least, if she felt compelled to say anything, she should have asked why you were receiving the catalogue. Again, though, it’s none of her business.

    Interesting case study, though, and it does raise a lot of good questions. But I think you can rest assured you were not besmirching the name of Christ, just because this woman jumped to the wrong conclusion.

    On another matter, I predict here and now this will be your #1 viewed post for 2013, the world being what it is (a la “Star Wars Porn” was for 2012).


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