#542 – Nerdy Uncles


As I wrote yesterday, I was in San Diego this past weekend to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday. Not only did I get to celebrate my grandpa, but I also got to see my Uncle Bill, another godly man who has had a tremendous influence on my life. I grew up going to my uncle’s church, hearing him preach every Sunday. I hadn’t heard him preach since I was a child, but had the opportunity to hear him this past weekend. He’s a gifted communicator and I was blessed to hear him as an adult.

Here are some nerdy uncles who, while not as awesome as Uncle Bill, I wouldn’t mind having around.

Uncle Luke and Uncle Han


Luke Skywalker and Han Solo weren’t uncles in the original trilogy but, if rumors are to be believed, they’ll be Uncle Luke and Uncle Han in Episode 7. I know that both Luke and Han had their own children in the extended universe and that Luke trained their children to be Jedi. I didn’t really get into the Young Jedi novels, though, so I couldn’t care less about Jacen or Ben. Having an Uncle Luke and an Uncle Han would be the best of both worlds. For all sorts of good, wise advice you could go to your Jedi Uncle Luke. And for all of the fun, ice cream and spontaneous trips you could go to your scoundrel Uncle Han. Uncle Luke could impress you with lightsaber tricks and Uncle Han could impress you with his giant, walking carpet. I suppose the question for us who are uncles is what kind of uncle do we want to be: serious and wise Uncle Luke or fun and spontaneous Uncle Han?

Uncle Human Torch

Human Torch

I’ve never really read the Fantastic Four comics and I didn’t see either of the movies. I do know, though, that Johnny and Sue Storm are brother and sister and that Sue married Reed Richards. Sue and Reed’s marriage produced two children who made an uncle out of the Human Torch. Johnny Storm seems like a bit of the fun uncle, wanting to show his niece and nephew a good time. He’d also be great to have on family camping trips because I’m sure he roasts a mean marshmallow. Shouting “Flame on!” is great to save the world but it might be even better to make a perfect s’more.

Uncle Tyrion


I’ve read A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings and Tyrion Lannister is by far my favorite character in the books. It also helps that Peter Dinklage portrays him supremely well in the television series and continually slaps Joffrey. Through the first two books the Lannisters are definitely the Starks’ antagonists, but I don’t know if that makes them bad guys. I definitely think Tyrion has the kingdom’s best interests in mind, but that puts him at odds with the Starks, Stannis and everyone else. I haven’t made it past the second book, yet, so if you know what happens with Tyrion please don’t tell me. I hope he survives, becomes king and spends his days slapping his nephew, Joffrey.

Given any uncle in nerdom, I’d still take my Uncle Bill. He is an amazing man of God and definitely influenced my decision to go into ministry. If I could be half the pastor he is and has been, I’d consider that a very fruitful life. But because my uncle is so amazing, I know that he wants much more for me than to simply follow in his footsteps.

What nerdy uncle would you want to hang out with at a family reunion?


9 comments on “#542 – Nerdy Uncles”

  1. Uncles Han and Luke were really great in the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, especially the adult novels. The Young Jedi Knights books were excellent young adult fiction as well. I would recommend certain ones definitely.

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