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#1084 – The Weight of Shame

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I don’t know how many times I’ve watched The Avengers. I saw it three times in the theater and have watched it countless times at home. I still find it terribly entertaining, especially when all six Avengers finally assemble in New York City.

Less exciting, but potentially more intriguing, is the scene between Natasha Romanoff and Loki. Black Widow’s past is shrouded in secrecy but, by her own admission, there are a lot of sins for which she needs to atone. Even though Loki didn’t break Natasha down, she still admitted that there was a lot of red in her ledger.

More than any of the other Avengers, we may be able to best identify with Black Widow. She may be a well-trained assassin, but at least she’s a normal human being. She’s not a god, she’s not a super soldier and she’s not a billionaire, playboy philanthropist. Natasha is just a mere mortal attempting to wrestle with her future, her present and her past.

And perhaps that is where we most identify with her: in her wrestling with the past. Continue reading


#976 – David: Confession

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David is called a man after God’s own heart. For most people, though, that statement comes with a giant asterisk. Even though David was a man after God’s own heart, he still committed some major sins. Those sins are an asterisk on his life. However, David’s response to those sins continue to show us what it means to be men and women after God’s own heart.

Two of David’s major sins are recorded in the Bible. First, he slept with Bathsheba and had her husband killed to cover up the affair. Second, David took a census of his fighting men, trusting and boasting in his own strength instead of God’s. Both of these were major violations with steep consequences. Because of his sin with Bathsheba and Uriah’s murder, David faced turmoil in his own household until the day he died. Because of his sin in taking a census, 70,000 Israelites died from a plague.

In spite of the consequences, David responded well in both instances. Instead of turning his back on God and stubbornly pursuing his own path, David eventually confessed to God, he eventually came back to his heavenly Father. David shows us that sin is inevitable for all of us; what makes us men and women after God’s own heart, though, is how we respond to that sin. Continue reading

#922 – Doctor Who-esday: Into the Dalek

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The Doctor was back this past weekend and he brought coffee. He also brought with him his oldest enemies: the Daleks.

“Into the Dalek” was an interesting examination of what it means to be good or evil. The Doctor’s attempts to answer that question for himself brought him face-to-eye with a Dalek struggling with its own morality.

“Into the Dalek” wasn’t one of my favorite episodes of Doctor Who, but it definitely kept me thinking long after the credits had rolled. Here are some thoughts I had while watching “Into the Dalek.”  Continue reading

#893 – Undragoned

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Yesterday I wrote about dragons and sin. We were created to fly free like dragons but sin chains us to the earth. Sometimes our sin feels like a long chain that gives us plenty of freedom, but it’s still a chain that will eventually pull us down.

Faithful commenter and reader, Mike, reminded me about Eustace in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Eustace’s greed and self-centeredness turn him into a dragon. My post equated sin with a chain but C.S. Lewis equates sin with being turned into a dragon.

Eustace was supposed to be a little boy but his sin transformed him into a monster. Sin not only limits our true freedom but it also distorts and corrupts us. The longer we embrace our sin, the more it tarnishes the image of God that we all bear. And, as C.S. Lewis so expertly conveyed, we can’t do anything about our sin.

Check out this excerpt from The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderContinue reading

#892 – Dragons and Sin

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A lot of people are really into dragons.

Whether they belong to Khaleesi, Gringotts or the Lonely Mountain, people are all about dragons.

I’m not really that into dragons. I did an Amazon search for “Dragon statues” and didn’t see anything that I was remotely interested in buying. During my silent prayer time yesterday, though, my mind was filled with dragons. Continue reading

#854 – 2048

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I’ve never been addicted to any substances.

I’ve never tried any illegal drugs.

I’ve never smoked a cigarette.

No one has ever told me that I need to go to Alcoholic’s Anonymous.

Addiction is a terrible thing and thankfully God’s grace has kept me from falling into that trap.

Even though I’ve never had any destructive addiction like those listed above, I have had trouble putting down my phone or the controller when playing video games.

The most recent game to dominate my time and keep me up too late is 2048.

One of my friends told me about 2048 last week and, in that time, it feels like I sunk 2,048 minutes into the game. Like all great phone games, 2048 is simple and addictive. It’s a great game to play while waiting in line or wanting to waste five minutes. My problem is that I ended up wasting way more than five minutes.

On Tuesday night I opened 2048 and thought that I’d play it for five or 10 minutes. 90 minutes later Alycia told me that she was going to bed and 60 minutes after that I eventually went to bed myself. So after almost two and a half hours I decided that I couldn’t control myself and needed to delete 2048 from my phone.

I wish that rooting out all temptations were as easy as deleting an app. Continue reading

2013 Top 5 – #5: #703 – Snaphack

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Since I work with students I need to stay up on as many adolescent trends as possible. Snapchat’s popularity skyrocketed this year as did its potential dangers. I’m all for social media and changing technologies, but we need to be aware of how they’re influencing our behavior. Snaphack is just another social medium with the potential to influence our behavior. It was also the subject of the fifth most popular post this year at The Christian Nerd.


A few months ago I wrote about Snapchat, an app that allows its users to send photos and videos to other users. After a set amount of time, normally a few seconds, the photos and videos disappear somewhere into cyberspace never to be viewed again.

Someone learned how to hack a phone, though, and find the photos that had seemingly been lost. That process took some technical knowledge and a couple hours so most people kept using Snapchat. Embarrassing and potentially explicit photos could still be shared without fear of someone keeping them beyond a few seconds.

That was until Snaphack was released. Continue reading