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#1081 – Shut Up and Dance

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I am a sucker for pop music.

In my younger years I wanted to be cooler and listen to indie artists and bands. Even now there’s a part of me that wishes I got as excited about a banjo as I do a drum machine. I can’t help my love for pop music but I’m not really sure I want to.

My latest obsession is the song “Shut Up and Dance” from the band Walk the Moon. My intern introduced me to this song, which you can check out below.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve listened to that song in the past week, but Alycia is already sick of me walking around our apartment singing it. The song is catchy and well produced; it also has a chorus that is energetic and fun to sing. I know that there’s a lot of serious music out there, but I just want to listen to something that’s going to make me smile and want to jump around.

My miniscule hipster sensibilities tell me that I should turn down the pop music and turn up the folk. My significantly larger Christian sensibilities tell me that I should turn down the pop music and turn up the Christian music.

But I don’t listen to a lot of Christian music. Continue reading


#1047 – Nerdy Variety

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Last night I had the opportunity to lead worship for Lifeline, a ministry at our church. I used to lead worship through music all of the time, but I hadn’t for many years. Our worship pastor asked if I wanted to lead with him and I jumped at the opportunity.

It was so much fun.

I really do love music in general and worship music in particular. I love connecting with God through lyrics and melodies; it adds a different dimension to our relationship. I now realize how much I had been missing that dimension to my relationship with God. Listening to worship music for Lent and leading worship last night reminded me how much I need to connect with God in different ways.

I wish that I could build my relationship with God by only reading the Bible. I’m really good at reading the Bible and I enjoy pouring over God’s word. Reading the Bible has made a tremendous impact in my life, probably more than anything else. But I can’t just rely on the Bible to develop my relationship with God.

That would like only following one nerdclination. Continue reading

#1045 – Stumbling into Lent

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I am stumbling into Lent.

I’m not stumbling into Lent because I made the most of Mardi Gras and woke up hungover on Ash Wednesday. I’m stumbling into Lent because it took some time to figure out how I wanted to use this season to better connect with God.

I don’t think that Lent is about giving something up just for the sake of giving something up. I enjoy drinking coffee every morning but I don’t think that giving it up would help me better connect with God. Lent is about preparing our hearts, minds and souls for the celebration of Easter; we should give up something or add something to our lives so that we can better connect with God. Continue reading

#928 – Apple Event

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Apple Event

I am definitely no Applephile.

I say that even though I own a MacBook, iPhone, iPad and AppleTV. I enjoy my Apple products but I don’t bow down at the altar of the Apple Store. I spent four years working on and using PCs and have nothing against Microsoft.

Even though I’m not an Applephile, I did watch most of the Apple Event yesterday. I’ve never watched an Apple event before and had always relied on others to give me the information without all of the panache. Yesterday, though, I got the information and the panache all together.

Here are some thoughts I had on Apple’s Event. Continue reading

#888 – Try

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I still love youth ministry even after 15 years. Coming off of two weeks of summer camp, few things still excite me as much as seeing students embrace Christ.

I love hanging out with our guys. I love leading Guy Time at camp, I love hanging out and playing Magic, I even love them when they don’t take a shower during an entire week at camp.

I also love the girls in our ministry. As a male youth pastor I obviously have a different relationship with our girls than I do with our guys. I don’t get one-on-one time with them and I obviously don’t hang out in their cabins. But I love the girls in our ministry and the role I get to play in their lives.

Which is why I would love for them all to watch this new music video from Colbie Caillat for her song “Try.”


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#729 – New Christmas Music

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I have some pretty clear-cut rules about Christmas music. I’ve written before that the only appropriate time to listen to Christmas music is after Thanksgiving dinner through Christmas Day. Any Christmas music listening that takes place outside of those firm boundaries is wrong. I have even gone so far as to label people who cross those boundaries Communists. While that moniker doesn’t have the same fire attached to it as it did 50 years ago, it still applies.

We all want to listen to Christmas music at some point during the year. When Christmas decorations are out at Target or Starbucks starts serving your latte in a red cup, we all want to listen to “All I Want for Christmas is You.” But, like Paul said, everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.

Here are some new Christmas albums that I want to listen to right now but will wait until next Thursday when I have gorged myself on turkey and stuffing.

Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped in Red


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#723 – Freedom and Lies

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I got a little fired up speaking to our high school students last night.

We were looking at 2 Peter 2, which says:

These people are springs without water and mists driven by a storm. Blackest darkness is reserved for them. For they mouth empty, boastful words and, by appealing to the lustful desires of the flesh, they entice people who are just escaping from those who live in error. They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity – for “people are slaves to whatever has mastered them.”

Peter was warning the early church about false teachers. These false teachers attempted to lead early believers astray, enticing their flesh and lying about freedom.

I told our students that different media today attempt to lead them astray in the same way. Young people today are told that their lives and choices don’t really matter because of their youth. They have freedom to do whatever they want, regardless of the consequences. Our young people are told that their greatest contribution is simply living irresponsibly and making poor choices.

If anything is false in our world today, that message definitely is. Continue reading