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#1065 – MCU Holy Week: Good Friday

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Good Friday has become one of my favorite holidays. I look forward to it more and more with each passing year. Obviously Easter is the apex of the Christian faith, but I appreciate the opportunity Good Friday gives us to pause and reflect.

The celebration of Easter is only possible because of the suffering of Good Friday.

The new dawn of Easter is only possible because of the long night of Good Friday.

The life of Easter is only possible because of the death of Good Friday.

There is so much to think about on Good Friday, so many different ways that God can speak to us. As we look at Good Friday through the lens of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though, Jesus’s willingness to offer up his life definitely sticks out.

Jesus intentionally left heaven so that he could live among us and eventually offer up his life as a sacrifice for us. Jesus placed the needs of humanity, our needs, above his own. Jesus saw us in our sin, separated from the Father, and took it upon himself to save us.

While Jesus’s is the greatest and most fruitful sacrifice of all time, we can see glimpses of it all throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Continue reading


#1064 – MCU Holy Week: Maundy Thursday

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Eating is one of my favorite parts about life. Even though I’m trying to be better with my diet, I still enjoy eating; I’m just trying to enjoy healthier options and smaller portions of said options.

Maundy Thursday is Holy Week’s celebration of food and fellowship. On the night before he was betrayed, Jesus sat down to one last meal with his disciples. On the final night before his crucifixion, before his earthly ministry would culminate in his death and resurrection, Jesus chose to share a meal with his closest friends. Jesus’s choice to have dinner speaks to the inherent value of eating with friends and family. Continue reading

#1063 – MCU Holy Week: Spy Wednesday

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Man, I really got ahead of myself yesterday with Hydra. I forgot that Holy Wednesday is also called Spy Wednesday, which is a perfect day for MCU Holy Week.

Spy Wednesday marks Judas’s betrayal of Jesus. Judas observed a woman in Bethany pour expensive perfume on Jesus’s head. Judas was taken aback by what he and the other disciples thought was a wasteful act. The other disciples let it go, but Matthew 26 insinuates that that wasteful act pushed Judas over the edge. Judas may have seen a missed opportunity to make money by selling the perfume and turned to the chef priests to line his pockets instead.

Judas’s name is synonymous with betrayal. He had walked with Jesus for years, yet for a mere 30 pieces of silver he threw all of that away. Vilifying Judas is easy; he betrayed the Son of Man. However, we can’t sit up too high on our horses. Each of our sins is a small betrayal and, unless we remain vigilant, we too could turn our backs on Jesus.

There are plenty of spies in the MCU upon whom we could reflect. Nick Fury, according to Tony Stark, is THE spy. Natasha Romanoff was trained as a little girl to be an incredible spy. Even Hawkeye, with his Legolas-like weaponry, is quite the spy.

When I think about Spy Wednesday and Jesus’s betrayer, though, I can only think about one person: Grant Ward. Continue reading

#825 – Star Trek Movie Holy Week: Good Friday

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Today is Good Friday. The day Christians reflect upon Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. It’s not as joyous and celebrative as Easter Sunday but it’s important. Without Good Friday there would be nothing to celebrate come Easter Sunday.

Every great movie series has its own Good Friday movie. Star Wars has The Empire Strikes Back, Harry Potter has The Half-Blood Prince and Star Trek has Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

The Wrath of Khan is my favorite Star Trek movie. It is also the most emotional as Spock sacrifices his life for his crewmates. Like Good Friday, The Wrath of Khan ends on a depressing note, but hope always remains.

Let’s compare Good Friday and The Wrath of Khan by checking out the tale of the tape. Continue reading

#824 – Star Trek Movie Holy Week: Maundy Thursday

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I love eating.

I wake up every morning looking forward to breakfast, even though my breakfast is usually just a piece of toast with peanut butter and jelly.

I love eating my lunch at work. I try to hold out as long as I can to make eating my lunch that much more enjoyable.

One of my favorite parts about being married is coming home from work and making dinner for Alycia and myself. I love sitting down over dinner and talking about our days.

We need to eat in order to survive. But we also need the fellowship and relationships that can be built over a meal.

I love eating, which is why I’m glad a meal is included in Holy Week. Continue reading

#823 – Star Trek Movie Holy Week: Holy Wednesday

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I was calling people Benedict Arnold before I even knew who Benedict Arnold was. I didn’t need to know what Benedict Arnold did; I just knew that he was a traitor.

Nobody wants to be a traitor. We value loyalty in our friends and we want to be loyal to our friends. We shake our heads at people like Benedict Arnold or Judas who could betray their country or their friends.

Holy Wednesday is also known as Spy Wednesday. It’s the day during Holy Week when we reflect on Judas Iscariot and his betrayal of Jesus. No matter how many times I think about it, I cannot fathom Judas’s betrayal of Jesus. Judas had committed himself to following Jesus. He had seen all the miracles that Jesus performed. Yet, in the end, 30 pieces of silver outweighed everything. Continue reading

#822 – Star Trek Movie Holy Week: Holy Tuesday

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I grew up in a Protestant tradition that didn’t give much attention to Holy Week. We mentioned Palm Sunday and might have had a Good Friday service, but that was about it. Looking at other traditions has given me a greater appreciation for Holy Week and what each day leading up to Easter signifies.

Today is Holy Tuesday. In the Eastern Orthodox tradition Holy Tuesday focuses on the parable of the 10 virgins from Matthew 25.

In the parable 10 virgins wait for the bridegroom to return. Five have enough oil for their lamps but five run out. While the five who ran out leave to get more oil the bridegroom returns and they are left outside.

We need to be prepared for Christ’s return just like Captain Picard was prepared for the return of the Borg. Continue reading