#1082 – Nerdy Summer Movie Preview: Part 1


I can’t believe it’s already the last week of April. This year is flying by and the summer is upon us. As schools wind down and the temperature heats up, we need to get ready for the summer movie season. This year there are plenty of nerdy options coming to the big screen. Check out previews of the movies you might want to see in May and June.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – May 01, 2015


I don’t have much left to say about Age of Ultron other than I’m counting down the days until I get to see it. Unfortunately, because of my schedule this week, I won’t be able to see it until Saturday morning. I hope I can avoid any spoilers from Thursday night until Saturday morning. I don’t envy the person who spoils something for me; my anger might turn into actual optic blasts.

Mad Max: Fury Road – May 15, 2015


I watched part of the original Mad Max when I was a kid. I don’t remember much about the movie except that I was bored to the point of tears. For a movie about crazy people on the road, there sure wasn’t a lot of action. I’ve heard that Mad Max 2 and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome are much more exciting. From the trailers Fury Road definitely looks exciting; they are filled with over-the-top action. I don’t know if I’ll make it to the theater for Mad Max: Fury Road; I may just want to watch Age of Ultron again.

Tomorrowland – May 22, 2015


I have to see Tomorrowland because it’s the movie Brad Bird chose to direct instead of Episode VII. Bird was my first choice to direct Episode VII because I absolutely loved his work on The Incredibles and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Tomorrowland definitely looks interesting and I’m glad that I don’t know too much about the plot. In the annals of movies based upon Disneyland attractions, hopefully Tomorrowland has more in common with Pirates of the Caribbean than The Haunted Mansion.

Jurassic World – June 12, 2015


The most recent trailer for Jurassic World gave away too much of the plot. At this point I’m pretty sure I have most of the movie figured out. For a movie like Jurassic World, though, that doesn’t really matter. I want to see dinosaurs running wild and the trailer has pretty much guaranteed that’s what we’ll see. Jurassic World really is the culmination of Dr. Ian Malcom’s observation that when the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down the pirates don’t eat the tourists.

Inside Out – June 19, 2015


It was really weird not having a Pixar movie last year, but Inside Out looks like it was worth the wait. Pixar is so creative in the movies it chooses to make and Inside Out looks like one of its most creative ever. I love the idea of our actions being controlled by different emotions in our brains; I also think Pixar nailed the casting for the different emotions. Really I’m just happy that Inside Out is an original story and not a sequel like three of Pixar’s last four movies.

I don’t know if I’ll make it to the theater to see all of these movies. My summer is always busy, but this summer ever more so because of a mission trip to Guatemala. If I see any of these movies, though, you can be sure I’ll write a review and share my thoughts about them.

Which of these early summer releases are you most looking forward to?


2 comments on “#1082 – Nerdy Summer Movie Preview: Part 1”

  1. I always enjoy your summer movie previews. My wife and I are going with some friends to AVENGERS on Friday night. Even though I’m not a huge Marvel guy, it looks like it’ll be fun. I am very intrigued by TOMORROWLAND, although the latest trailer makes it look like more of a conventional action flick than I thought it would be. JURASSIC WORLD, of course, will be great fun, because dinosaurs.

  2. I honestly can’t say that I’m thrilled by any of these. The movie I’m waiting for is Ridley Scott’s “The Martian” in November. If Ridley manages to get the spirit and character of the Weir’s book in general and Mark Watney in particular, that should be an *excellent* movie.

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