#1072 – Ant-Man Trailer

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With all of the excitement over Daredevil and Avengers: Age of Ultron, it’s easy to forget that Marvel has another movie coming out in July.

Ant-Man joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe on July 17, two months after the Avengers are going to surely going to dominate the box office. Hank Pym and Scott Lang aren’t as recognizable as Tony Stark and Thor, but the new trailer for Ant-Man certainly creates some excitement for Marvel’s smallest super hero. Check it out below.

I haven’t been unsure about any of Marvel’s projects for the past seven years. Ever since Iron Man came out I have been on board with the MCU. Ant-Man is the first project for which I have some reservations. It had a troubled production and Ant-Man just isn’t as cool as Captain America, Daredevil or the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, this trailer has me more excited than I was. The size changing action looks really intriguing and I think that Paul Rudd can pull off the anti-hero as well as Chris Pratt.

Check out some screen caps and other thoughts about the Ant-Man trailer.

AM 01

  • I’m glad that the MCU is taking place in cities other than New York. In Marvel’s comics most of the action takes place on the East Coast. As a Southern California boy, I’m happy to see ­Ant-Man set on the West Coast in San Francisco. It’s not as cool as San Fransokyo, but it’ll do.

AM 02

  • The trailer really shows off the suit and the Pym Particles in action. This trailer showed me for the first time, even including the comics, how cool Ant-Man could be.

AM 03

  • Marvel is also having a lot of fun with its logo. I may not love the movie, but I’ve definitely loved all of the promotional materials.

AM 04

  • “I want you to break into a place and steal some stuff.”

AM 05

  • Another great shot of the suit in action. Every time I see an ant in this trailer, though, it makes me think of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Maybe Rick Moranis will make a cameo…hopefully as Dark Helmet.

AM 06

  • I thought that Ant-Man would either be big or small; I didn’t plan on him changing sizes so frequently. That definitely makes him and his powers way cooler and way more fun.

AM 07

  • Seriously, though, all of the miniature stuff looks really cool.

AM 08

  • “That’s how you punch.”

AM 09

  • When the first trailer came out I wrote that I was happy to see that Scott Lang had a daughter. In so many of the MCU movies, the heroes seem disconnected from the real world because they lack significant relationships. Giving Lang a daughter humanizes him and makes this hero far more relatable.

AM 10

  • Yellowjacket looks a lot more menacing and has a much cooler name than Ant-Man.

AM 11

  • I didn’t think that the miniaturized action could or would look this good. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this small action on the big screen.

AM 12

  • “No. I’m Ant-Man. I know. It wasn’t my idea.” I like that Marvel is embracing the silliness of Ant-Man’s name. I told Alycia that Marvel was making an Ant-Man movie and she giggled at his name. Hopefully the self-deferential humor will pay off much like Guardians of the Galaxy’s “what a bunch of a-holes” marketing.

AM 13

  • That’s just funny.

I’m more excited to finish watching Daredevil and to watch Age of Ultron than I am for Ant-Man. However, by the time July rolls around and I’ve finished Daredevil and have seen Age of Ultron in the theater three times, I might be ready for Ant-Man. The action looks impressive and hopefully Paul Rudd can bring the same humor and charm that he has to other roles.

What did you think of the trailer for Ant-Man?


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