#1068 – Five More Years of Who

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The Doctor will be in for at least another five years.

In an interview with Radio Times, Stephen Moffat, executive producer of Doctor Who, stated that he could see Doctor Who staying on air for at least another five years. Moffat said that the show has actually grown in popularity internationally, which is a good sign for its continued success.

Even better than the prospect of another five years, is the prospect of another half century of the Doctor’s adventures in the T.A.R.D.I.S. In the same article Ben Stephenson, the head of BBC Drama, said he could see Doctor Who going on for another 50 years.

While 50 years may be too lofty of a goal, five is a good start.

Here are some other shows I’d like to see go on for at least another five years. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


30 Rock is easily one of my favorite shows of all time. Alycia and I have watched the entire show more times than I can count. When we’re just sitting at home or getting ready for bed, we will throw on 30 Rock and laugh at all of the jokes we know are coming. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the newest series from Tina Fey, the genius behind 30 Rock. Kimmy Schmidt follows the story of Kimmy who is attempting to adjust to life in the real world after spending 15 years in a doomsday cult’s bunker. The first season was tremendous and, once it found its stride during the fourth episode, I couldn’t stop laughing. I really loved Kimmy; her optimism set the tone for the entire show. I would love to experience more of that optimism over the next five years.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


After Parks and Recreation went off the air, Brooklyn Nine-Nine became my favorite broadcast sitcom. In its second season, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has continued to build the relationships among all of the characters. Like The Office and Parks and Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine may take place in an office, but it’s all about the people in the office. The show regularly has me laughing out loud, especially Andre Braugher’s Captain Holt. The Office made it nine seasons and Parks and Rec made it six seasons; I’d be happy to see Brooklyn Nine-Nine make it seven seasons.



Daredevil hasn’t even premiered yet and I would love to see it go for another five seasons. I’ve glanced at some early reviews and they’ve been mostly positive. I’d be ecstatic if Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter both went for five more seasons, but I’m excited to see a different part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Daredevil and the subsequent Netflix series seem much more focused on the ground with the lives of regular people. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Thor, Iron Man and Captain America tackle world-altering events, but Daredevil looks like it will tell a more intimate story about the people living in this brave new world. Soon we’ll know for sure if Daredevil deserves another five seasons; all episodes will be available on Netflix this Friday.

Outside of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Doctor Who, I don’t really watch that much nerdy television. I didn’t stick with Gotham and I’ve never watched Arrow or The Flash. Hopefully quirky sitcoms won’t hurt my nerd cred too much. And, if they do, I’ll just have to watch all 13 episodes of Daredevil in one sitting to prove my nerdiness.

What shows would you like to watch for another five years?


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