#1047 – Nerdy Variety

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Last night I had the opportunity to lead worship for Lifeline, a ministry at our church. I used to lead worship through music all of the time, but I hadn’t for many years. Our worship pastor asked if I wanted to lead with him and I jumped at the opportunity.

It was so much fun.

I really do love music in general and worship music in particular. I love connecting with God through lyrics and melodies; it adds a different dimension to our relationship. I now realize how much I had been missing that dimension to my relationship with God. Listening to worship music for Lent and leading worship last night reminded me how much I need to connect with God in different ways.

I wish that I could build my relationship with God by only reading the Bible. I’m really good at reading the Bible and I enjoy pouring over God’s word. Reading the Bible has made a tremendous impact in my life, probably more than anything else. But I can’t just rely on the Bible to develop my relationship with God.

That would like only following one nerdclination.

I don’t really trust people who only watch Star Wars or only watch Star Trek or only read one comic book series. There are so many nerdclinations out there that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to just one. I’m happy to have an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek: The Next Generation and to have purchased all of Marvel’s new Star Wars comics.

It’s fun following more than one nerdclination; it gives us more variety in what we watch and read. It’s also fun finding more than one way to connect with God.

Connecting with God in different ways is more than just fun; it’s effective. We can often find ourselves on plateaus in our relationships with God, especially if we keep doing the same things. Mixing up our spiritual practices and how we connect with God can reinvigorate our relationship with God and take us to new heights.

The past week worship music has really helped me connect with God in a different way, just like Magic: The Gathering tapped into different areas of my nerdiness. We need some variety in our nerdy lives and our lives with God.

Unless that variety includes anime; I just don’t get it.

What helps you connect with God in different ways?


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