#1045 – Stumbling into Lent

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I am stumbling into Lent.

I’m not stumbling into Lent because I made the most of Mardi Gras and woke up hungover on Ash Wednesday. I’m stumbling into Lent because it took some time to figure out how I wanted to use this season to better connect with God.

I don’t think that Lent is about giving something up just for the sake of giving something up. I enjoy drinking coffee every morning but I don’t think that giving it up would help me better connect with God. Lent is about preparing our hearts, minds and souls for the celebration of Easter; we should give up something or add something to our lives so that we can better connect with God.

Earlier this week I went on a bit of a worship music buying binge. I bought new albums from North Point, Kari Jobe and Chris Tomlin. I started listening to these albums instead of podcasts while I was driving. I did that for a few days and realized that I had worship lyrics running through my head throughout my day. Instead of thinking about sports statistics or the news of the day, I was praising God.

I stumbled upon this practice; it hadn’t been my intention to give up podcasts and start listening to worship music. At this point, though, I have made it my Lenten commitment: while I’m driving I am going to listen to worship music instead of podcasts.

I don’t have a lengthy commute to work and I don’t spend that much time driving. It’s amazing, though, how that small amount of time filled with worship music can impact my day. Like I said, my mind is constantly filled with the lyrics and I often find myself quietly singing the songs.

I am happy that I stumbled into Lent. Not because I didn’t want to give something up, but because I found something that has actually helped me to connect with God and better prepare for Easter.

What have you given up or added to your life for Lent?


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