#1044 – Avengers: Age of Ultron Final Trailer


The final trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron premiered yesterday. It wasn’t supposed to go live until Thursday, but Marvel treated its fans to an early surprise.

You can watch the trailer below.

I love the trailer. I don’t think that it gives too much away and definitely hits on all the right notes. The trailer only adds to Ultron’s menace and it really shows the team working together.

Thankfully Age of Ultron is less than two months away. I don’t think I could wait any longer.

Check out some screen caps and thoughts below.

AOU 01

  • I’m intrigued to see how Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch end up with Ultron after we last saw them imprisoned by Hydra.

AOU 02

  • Ultron is scary and he wants to destroy humanity’s hopes. James Spader absolutely crushes Ultron’s voice.

AOU 03

  • You’re looking good Avengers Tower. I want to rent a room but I hear Manhattan real estate is ridiculous.

AOU 04

  • Not only is Ultron scary, but all of his Ultron Bots look terrifying as well. Again, this trailer does a great job of building a sense of dread and menace.

AOU 05

  • Captain America is too much of a boy scout for Natasha; she needs a bad boy. I think the Hulk is definitely a bad boy.

AOU 06

  • Goosebumps.

AOU 07

  • I am on board with a show down between the teams of Captain America, Iron Man and Thor and Ultron, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

AOU 08

  • I am also on board with Cap fighting Ultron on top of a bus. This movie looks like it is going to have some killer action sequences.

AOU 09

  • Just when I think it can’t get better than Cap and Ultron on top of a bus, the trailer gives us Hulk and the Hulkbuster destroying a building.

AOU 10

  • I hope that Natasha doesn’t seduce Banner because she’s underneath the Scarlet Witch’s spell. That’s mean.

AOU 11

  • That looks like it’s going to hurt. Hopefully Cap is more Mike Tyson than Glass Joe.

AOU 12

  • This is what The Walking Dead would look like if there were an infestation of robots instead of zombies.

AOU 13

  • This is an amazing shot but I can’t see Quicksilver. Scarlet Witch is there but I can’t find her brother.

AOU 14

  • Boom.

AOU 15

  • Headshot.

I let out an audible cheer when Vision popped up on my screen. Finally! Age of Ultron looks great and I certainly hope the next two months go by quickly.

What did you think of the trailer?


2 comments on “#1044 – Avengers: Age of Ultron Final Trailer”

  1. I liked the “Got No Strings” trailer better. It looks like it’ll be a fun movie, all right, with enough stuff to think about scattered among the action sequences where things get blowed up real good. And, being superficial again, Scarlet J. shore is purty.

    I do wonder, though, how much longer the superhero movie renaissance can continue. How do you top something like this? Maybe we need more, not fewer, movies focused on individual heroes, with battles involving smaller but no less significant stakes. It’s starting to feel like everyone’s going to the well one too many times.

    “Agent Carter” proves my point, I think. I haven’t seen it all yet, but I’ve watched the first half and have really enjoyed it, in no small part because it is NOT uber-ambitious. One woman’s story, with limited but real and dramatic conflicts, and intelligent scripting. Let’s have more of that, please.

    1. I think that AOU feels similar to the original Avengers because it takes place on earth with an enemy that has overwhelming numbers. I think that Infinity War will breathe some new life into the MCU since it will take place in a difference setting. But that’s three years away. Hopefully the new heroes they have coming will also bring some more vitality.

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