#1040 – Viral Bible Stories

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The Internet is weird.

Yesterday the Internet blew up with a llama chase in Arizona and a debate over the color of a dress.

There’s no telling what will go viral and what won’t. Who spends time scouring YouTube in order to find something to go viral? Thankfully we have the Internet to tell us what is cool and what we should be watching.

Here are some biblical stories that would have gone the most viral.

Balaam’s Donkey

If yesterday taught us anything it’s that the Internet loves animals. Pictures of cats and videos of dogs fill all of my social media timelines. A video of Balaam’s donkey would definitely go viral. It features a talking animal and shining angels. I’ve seen so many videos of dogs that sound like they’re talking, but Balaam’s donkey put actual sentences together. If the donkey sounded like Donkey from Shrek, then it would probably be the most popular video on the Internet ever.

Jesus Walking on Water

Jesus is the business. Any video of Jesus’s miracles would be the greatest Internet video of all time. Feeding the 5,000 would be popular with all the foodies and casting out the legion of demons would be popular with The Walking Dead crowd. Jesus walking on water would be an amazing YouTube video. Unfortunately, most people would probably think that it was faked. I saw Charlize Theron walk on water on Arrested Development, which I’m pretty sure they faked.

Red Sea

The parting of the Red Sea would have been one of the most amazing spectacles of all time. I saw U2 twice in concert and I don’t know if I’ll ever see anything as awesome as those two concerts. However, if I saw Moses standing on one side of the Red Sea, parting it with his staff raised high, I’d probably have my mind blown. It was quite the spectacle in The Prince of Egypt and I’m sure the real thing would have been way better than an animated movie.

The Bible is filled with so many miracles; we would probably have a hard time believing them even if we saw them on YouTube. Thankfully our faith can be stronger than any viral video and isn’t as easily forgotten.

I am sad I missed the llama escape while it was happening. That’s what the Internet was made for.

What bible stories would you want to see go viral?


1 comments on “#1040 – Viral Bible Stories”

  1. This is a fun post, Scott! Thanks for it.

    Certainly, even without the Internet, Jesus’ miracles “went viral.” “Now more than ever the word about Jesus spread abroad; many crowds would gather to hear him and to be cured of their diseases” (Luke 4.15, NRSV).

    Blessings for your weekend and Lord’s Day!

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