#1037 – Tuesdays with Peggy: SNAFU

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The penultimate episode of Agent Carter’s first season was rather eventful.

Leviathan moved forward with their plan.

Peggy came clean to the SSR.

Someone died.

Agent Carter has kept me tuning in every week, with each episode building more and more momentum than the last. I’m excited for the season finale tonight, but can’t imagine that every loose end will get tied up. Hopefully the cliffhanger isn’t too suspenseful; 2016 is a long time to wait for the further adventures of Peggy Carter.

Here are some thoughts I had while watching “SNAFU.”


Much of the episode was spent on the SSR’s interrogation of Peggy. Thompson, Sousa and Chief Dooley wanted to know everything that Peggy knew and everything that she had done. When Peggy finally came clean both Thompson and Sousa believed what she had said. Even though they had often dismissed her, Peggy had earned a reputation of a capable and honest agent. Even when they thought she was a traitor, Peggy’s colleagues had to trust her. We should all be concerned about our reputations, not for our own benefit but for Christ’s. If people think well of us and see us as good, trustworthy people, then our good reputation will shine a bright light for Jesus.


Dr. Ivchenko is a bad dude. He wasn’t always a bad dude, though, as he once used his ability to hypnotize people for good. The first scene in this episode showed Ivchenko hypnotizing a soldier whose leg was getting amputated without anesthesia. The hypnosis allowed the solider to ignore the pain of the amputation. Ivchenko also uses his hypnosis on Chief Dooley, helping him to go to a place where he isn’t estranged from his wife. Pain hurts but it isn’t something that we should ignore or push to the back of our minds through hypnosis. Pain teaches us lessons and creates perseverance; it also pushes us to better trust in God.

Sacrifice (Spoilers)

Things are about to get super spoilery so, if you haven’t seen “SNAFU” yet, you might want to check out one of the other recent posts over there to the right. ->

Chief Dooley made the ultimate sacrifice in giving up his life to save everyone else at the SSR. Ivchenko strapped a bomb to Dooley’s chest and, in order to save everyone, Dooley jumped out of a window and exploded in midair. While Dooley’s sacrifice was a little more exciting than Jesus’s, it definitely harkened back to the cross. So many stories are filled with sacrifice. We are moved every time we see one character sacrifice himself or herself for another. Darth Vader sacrificed his life for Luke. Spock sacrificed his life for the Enterprise. Dumbledore sacrificed him life for the greater good of the wizarding world. We are moved by stories of sacrifice because the story of the universe is all about the sacrifice. Jesus Christ sacrificed his life so that all the brokenness across the universe could be restored. So when we make small sacrifices for our friends or when Chief Dooley sacrifices his life for the SSR, we are all retelling the greatest story ever told.

Agent Carter has been solid through its first season and I’m sad to see its conclusion tonight. I hope it will get renewed for another season because Peggy Carter is a strong female hero, perfect for 1946 and 2015.

What did you think of “SNAFU?”


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