#1032 – Tuesdays with Peggy: A Sin to Err

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A Sin to Err

I’m pretty bummed that there are only two episodes left of Agent Carter. It’s been a fun miniseries and I definitely hope that it comes back for a second season. The action picked up even more in “A Sin to Err” as Sousa pegged Peggy as a traitor. Peggy went on the run but finished the episode in the SSR’s interrogation room.

Hayley Atwell has absolutely carried this series, even more than Clark Gregg carries Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I saw someone tweet that no show suffers more than Agent Carter when its lead isn’t on screen. While I don’t think the show suffers, it definitely hits its highest points when the action focuses on Peggy,

Here are some other thoughts I had while watching “A Sin to Err.”


When trying to find the Leviathan agent, Peggy rightly assumes that a woman may have tricked Howard. Howard Stark has a number of flaws, most notably his weakness towards women. Dottie Underwood allegedly took advantage of this weakness in order to exploit Stark. We need to be aware of our weaknesses so that we can keep them from derailing us. Stark’s life was derailed by his weakness for women and it’s very likely that our weakness could derail us. Those weaknesses could be temptations, character flaws or blind spots. We need acknowledge our weaknesses so that we can bring them to Christ, because in our weakness he is strong.


Daniel Sousa is a really nice guy; I like him a lot. It was almost heartbreaking to see how disappointed he was in Peggy. He didn’t want to believe that Peggy could have been the blonde woman in the club or that she could have been a traitor. He had placed his trust in Peggy as a friend and a colleague. We never want our trust to be misplaced, especially in those to whom we’re closest. Unfortunately, at some point, everyone is going to let us down and break our trust, even if it is in a minor way. Peggy let Sousa down and I’m sure I’m going to let down my family and friends at some point. That’s why we need to place our ultimate trust in our never-changing God. No matter what happens, regardless of the situations we face, God is always trustworthy and will never let us down.


I loved the scenes with Peggy trying to avoid Thompson and Sousa; they were tension-filled and had me on the edge of my seat. Angie definitely proved herself to be Peggy’s true friend, protecting Peggy from the SSR agents. Jesus tells us that there’s no greater love than laying down our lives for our friends. Angie definitely laid down her life for Peggy, risking arrest and potential charges of treason. She managed to lay down her life in a hilarious fashion, though, turning on her waterworks and making Thompson and Sousa extremely uncomfortable. We should strive to be as good of a friend as Angie was, placing the needs of our friends above our own.

Like I said, I’m sad to see Agent Carter conclude its first season next week. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up: Peggy’s escape, clearing Howard’s name, taking out Dottie and finding out exactly what happened at Finow. If all that can happen in two episodes, then I will be satisfied. If Agent Carter concludes on a cliffhanger, I’ll be just as upset as I was when Star Trek: The Next Generation finished its sixth season with Picard and company surrounded by individual Borg led by Lore. I was a very angry 11-year-old.

What did you think of “A Sin to Err?”


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