#1027 – Tuesdays with Peggy: The Iron Ceiling

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“The Iron Ceiling” was another solid episode of Agent Carter. This week saw Peggy traveling around the world and reuniting with the Howling Commandos. We also learned a little bit more about the origins of Peggy’s crazy neighbor and potentially those of Natalia Romanova as well. This episode was high on the action and I really enjoyed seeing Neal McDonough back as Dum-Dum Dugan.

Here are some other thoughts I had while watching “The Iron Ceiling.” 


Peggy finally got to show Thompson and the rest of the SSR what she is made of. I recently watched Captain America: The First Avenger; I appreciated how only the most chauvinistic characters questioned Peggy’s abilities. Colonel Phillips had full faith in Peggy and her skills, even letting her participate in the assault on Hydra’s base in the Alps. In this episode Peggy finally had the opportunity to let her actions speak, which backed up all of the words that she had been using. Thompson’s an incredible chauvinist, but even he couldn’t deny Peggy’s value when he saw what she did on their mission. As Christians, our actions will also speak louder than any words we use. We can either earn the respect of others, like Peggy did, or lose the respect of others and the opportunity to speak into their lives.


The Red Room is pretty messed up. Brainwashing girls and turning them into sleeper agents is wrong, just evil really. I hope one of the three remaining episodes has Peggy throwing down with Dottie; Dottie deserves a beating after sneaking into Peggy’s room and pretending to be Peggy. The influence of the Red Room shows the importance of nurturing children. Dottie may have been a normal girl but, because of the environment in which she was nurtured, she turned into a killer. Now if we make some mistakes raising our children or influencing young people, they probably won’t turn into assassins. I do know, though, that the family of origin has the largest impact on a child. My family wasn’t perfect, but they laid a great foundation for my faith and set me up to succeed. I couldn’t ask for anything more and that’s what I hope to provide for my kids someday.


Like most road trips, this episode gave Peggy and Thompson an opportunity to get to know each other better. The episode also gave the audience an opportunity to get to know Thompson better and to even sympathize with his life and his story. Everyone has a story, different situations and circumstances that led them to where they are today. It was easier to write Thompson off as a caveman or simply the product of his environment. Learning about his story and the burden he has carried makes it easier to sympathize with him and see him as an actual human. Everyone has a story if we’re willing to listen.

There are only three episodes left and Sousa has figured out that Peggy is the blonde from the club. I’m excited to see if Howard Stark’s name gets cleared and whether or not Peggy can stop Leviathan without being labeled as a traitor.

What did you think of “The Iron Ceiling?”


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