#1024 – Daredevil Trailer


Yesterday Marvel released the first trailer for Daredevil, the first series it is bringing to Netflix. You can see that trailer below.

I’m excited for Daredevil and the other three series that Marvel is bringing to Netflix, which will culminate in the crossover event The Defenders. I’ve never read any Daredevil comics so I’m not that familiar with the Man Without Fear. I am digging the darker tone of the trailer; the series definitely seems like it has a noir feel to it.

Here are some screencaps and other thoughts I had about the trailer.

DD 01

  • Daredevil will be the first Netflix series I’ve ever watched. I know that House of Cards is supposed to be really good, but I just don’t have enough time to watch all of the shows I’d like to. I’ll definitely make time for Daredevil, though.

DD 02

  • I’ve never gone to confession. As a Protestant I believe I can go right to God to confess my sins. There is value, though, in confessing our sins to others as the book of James points out. We can definitely find accountability and support when we bring our sins to others.

DD 03

  • Matt Murdock definitely looks like he gets beat up quite a bit. He’s got heightened senses but he doesn’t have heightened durability.

DD 04

  • Speaking of those heightened senses, Daredevil’s sonar/radar vision looks pretty sweet. I’m excited to see how his different powers are represented in the series.

DD 05

  • Dark. Gritty. Bloody.

DD 06

  • Who is this guy (rhetorical question)? He looks creepy. I’ve always been creeped out by cloudy eyes; I hope that’s not offensive to say.

DD 07

  • KINGPIN!!! I’m probably most excited for Daredevil because of Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin. He is a great actor and will definitely bring an extreme level of intensity to the crime lord.

DD 08

  • I know that this costume is one from the comics, but I can’t wait to see Daredevil break out his red duds. I’ve read that he will change his costume at some point; hopefully it’ll happen in the first season.

DD 09

  • I never really liked Captain America until I saw him in action in the movies. Hopefully this series will give me a greater appreciation for Daredevil and the skills he brings to the table.

DD 10

  • Dark. Gritty. Bloody.

DD 11

  • Since I’ve never watched a show on Netflix before, I don’t really know how to handle all of the episodes being available at once. Maybe I’ll go through some binge watching but review each episode on a weekly basis. Or I could just dedicate 13 posts in a row to Daredevil.

Come April 10 we’ll get to see Marvel’s latest entry into its cinematic/television universe. I don’t know if or when these series will connect with its movies, but Marvel has been on a roll and I hope it keeps going.

What did you think about the Daredevil trailer?


2 comments on “#1024 – Daredevil Trailer”

  1. I always enjoy your breakdowns of trailers. Great work.

    I don’t think “Daredevil’ looks as though it will be up my alley, but I have no doubt it will be a well-produced series. Just not my thing. I can only handle so much “dark, gritty, bloody.”

    On confession, I love what the Anglicans say about it: “All may, none must, many should.” 😉

    1. I can handle dark, gritty and bloody as long as it’s also quality. Daredevil looks like it should have all four.

      That’s a great quote about confession. Thanks for sharing it.

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