#1023 – Contest of Champions

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I really enjoy playing video games. Unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of time in the past few years to play video games. When I sit down to play video games I really want to play video games. If I can’t commit at least two hours with a controller in my hand, then I don’t really want to play. Thankfully, though, mobile gaming has partially filled the video game hole in my life.

Before it was Candy Crush and Words with Friends, but lately my mobile game of choice has been Contest of Champions.

Contest of Champions is a fighting game with a roster populated by some of Marvel’s biggest heroes and villains. It’s a simple fighting game that gives its players the opportunity to pit Captain America against Cyclops or Star-Lord against Scarlet Witch. Beyond the simple button mashing the game also has a deep upgrade mechanic. Items are rewarded throughout the game, which allow heroes to be upgraded and improved.

I like the game…probably too much.

It’s a little addicting. I want to keep playing so that I can collect more champions and upgrade them as much as possible. I already have 27 champions but I want more. I have a lot of 2-star champions but the more I play, the more chances I have to get more 3-star and 4-star champions.

Unfortunately that drive to get more champions has also led me to shirk some responsibilities. Playing Contest of Champions has taken away some time from working, sleeping, hanging out with my wife and spending time with Jesus. A few weeks ago it had gotten so bad that the first thing I did after turning off my alarm was to play Contest of Champions. As I lay in bed, playing Contest of Champions and squinting because I hadn’t even put on my glasses, I realized that I probably needed to make some changes.

Recently I’ve been trying to limit my Contest of Champions playing time. It hasn’t been impeding as much on my work and relationships, but it’s still a challenge. Even if I’d never played Contest of Champions, there would still have been some other distraction.

There will always be distractions, whether they’re from the real world or in the palm of our hand. We need to always make sure we limit those distractions so we can focus on what’s most important. We also need to make sure that we make time for those distractions; rest, relaxation and fun are as important as work, focus and intention.

What distractions have been eating your time lately?


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