#1018 – Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer


Yesterday I woke up to the teaser trailer for Fantastic Four, the reboot of Marvel’s first family. I was excited when Josh Trank, the director of Chronicle, was brought on board. However, there have been a number of negative rumors about the production. After seeing the first trailer, I can’t say that I’m overly confident.

You can find the trailer below as well as some of my thoughts about it.

FF 01

  • “From the studio that brought you X-Men: Days of Future Past.” Also, don’t forget, the same studio brought us X-Men 3, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the first two Fantastic Four.

FF 02

  • I haven’t read many Fantastic Four comics. I don’t really know their relationship with the government and whether or not the government sent them into space.

FF 03

  • Miles Teller looks nerdy enough to be Reed Richards.

FF 04

  • Kate Mara looks like she’ll make a decent Sue Storm, except that I can see her.

FF 05

  • I’m actually really excited about the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm. Jordan was extremely charismatic in Chronicle and he definitely has the swagger to be the Human Torch.

FF 06

  • Their mission doesn’t appear to go very well; it also doesn’t appear to take place in space. I’ve read that the heroes get their powers when they go on a mission to another dimension, not from cosmic rays in outer space.

FF 07

  • The Thing looks like he hatches from a rock cocoon. I would like to see him do that every morning. The remnants of his cocoon could be used for some nice desert landscaping.

FF 08

  • FLAME ON!!!

FF 09

  • I like this logo even though it does away with the definite article Fox had been using to differentiate this movie from its predecessors.

FF 10

  • First, there’s a plane flying in that energy beam. Second, as someone on the Internet noted, the Thing doesn’t look like he’s wearing any pants.

I don’t think the trailer looks bad; it just sets a very dark tone for the movie. I never thought of the Fantastic Four as tortured heroes like Batman or Wolverine. The most fascinating part about their story is the familial relationships. Hopefully we’ll see more of the family dynamics in further trailers and some hope to go along with all that despair.

What did you think of the Fantastic Four teaser?


6 comments on “#1018 – Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer”

  1. Nicely done, sir. No, the FF aren’t supposed to be tortured. We’ll see.

    I didn’t care for the first FF film either, but will have to write a post in defense of Silver Surfer one of these days… It doesn’t get enough respect.

  2. I had heard the same awful things about the movie, but this doesn’t look too bad. It really looks very ‘sci-fi’, which is cool to me.

    1. It does look very sci-fi, but I kind of wish it looked like the comic. Trank is a great director but it seemed like he wanted to make something like “Chronicle” not a FF movie. We’ll see, though.

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