#1017 – Doctor Who-esday: Last Christmas



Christmas was over a month ago but I just finally got around to watching “Last Christmas,” the most recent Doctor Who Christmas Special. I thought it was a great episode and I especially enjoyed the dream aspects. It was kind of like watching Doctor Who: Inception.

I’m glad that Clara came back. Apparently the reports of Jenna Coleman leaving after the last series were wrong; she and the Doctor will be back some time later this year.

Here are some (delayed) thoughts I had while watching “Last Christmas.” 

Santa Claus

I liked Nick Frost’s Santa Claus. He was a jolly old elf and updated for our modern times. It was interesting how Santa, a fictional character, was everyone’s connection to the real world. In our lives, Santa’s Christmas counterpart is our connection to the real world. Even though the season has passed, Jesus is still the reason. He’s also our connection to the real world, the world of God’s kingdom. The world we see is only a reflection of the real world; Jesus helps reveal that world to us. We’re not trapped in a dream, but Jesus reminds us that there is definitely more.


Speaking of dreams, Clara’s dream about spending her Christmas with Danny was gut wrenching. I remember spending this past Christmas morning with Alycia, sleeping in and opening presents together; it was a wonderful experience. I don’t know if I would have been able to pull myself away from that dream like Clara did. Dreams are nice, both the sleeping and the waking ones. We can’t get lost in our dreams or our daydreams, though. God wants us to live in our current realities, trusting in him even when our real lives look more like nightmares than dreams.


I was crushed after the finale, “Death in Heaven.” I couldn’t handle the Doctor and Clara parting ways after their heartbreaking hug. I appreciate all the nuances between the Doctor and his companions. “Last Christmas” added another layer to the Doctor and Clara’s relationship. After being separated for so long, it was easy to see how much the Doctor and Clara missed each other. Like a friend we don’t miss until he or she is gone, the Doctor and Clara realized the depth of their affection and affinity for each other.

Perhaps I didn’t want to have such a long hiatus in between new episodes of Doctor Who, which would explain why I waited so long to watch “Last Christmas.” It was a tremendous special and provided a satisfying conclusion to Peter Capaldi’s first spin in the TARDIS. I only wish they had included Wham!’s hit, “Last Christmas.”

What did you think of “Last Christmas?”


2 comments on “#1017 – Doctor Who-esday: Last Christmas”

  1. ” I only wish they had included Wham!’s hit, ‘Last Christmas.'” – You’re being ironic, right? I was so relieved they didn’t!

    I also really liked the episode as a resolution to Clara and the Doctor’s estrangement. I’m hoping we leave all that behind when we start series 9 in the fall. I think the episode was a preview of how Capaldi’s Doctor will be now that all the “Am I a good man” soul searching is done.

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