#1015 – Scott, Jean, Ororo



I thought X-Men: Days of Future Past was great. I loved seeing the original movies’ cast come along side the First Class cast. X-Men: Apocalypse will follow up Days of Future Past in 2016. I can’t wait to see the X-Men take on an enemy that isn’t Magneto. Sure we’ve gotten Sentinels and Sebastian Shaw, but ultimately the main movie villain has always been Magneto. The X-Men have a great stable of villains; Apocalypse will provide an imposing and terrifying villain.

Yesterday it was announced that the younger versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm had been cast. Tye Sheridan will play Scott Summers, Sophie Turner will play Jean Grey and Alexandra Shipp will play Ororo Munroe.

Among that group, I only know Sophie Turner. Turner stars as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones. She has red hair and is young, but hopefully she’ll bring more than that to the role of Jean Grey. I’m always wary of casting for the X-Men movies and the X-Men movies in general. They are by far my favorite team of super heroes and I don’t want something like X-Men 3 to happen again.

Even worse than X-Men 3, though, is the rumor that Marvel might be phasing out the X-Men from its comics.

Marvel completely owns the rights for all of its characters as long as they’re printed in a comic book. As far as movies go, though, Marvel doesn’t own the rights to all of its characters. Most notably Marvel doesn’t own the movie rights to Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. Marvel has already stopped publishing Fantastic Four comics and it might be planning on doing the same with the X-Men.

With its upcoming reboot (Secret Wars), Marvel could potentially limit the X-Men in its comics. With fewer X-Men, Marvel could instead focus on characters and teams in its movies. The popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has and will continue to influence what Marvel does in its comics. Unfortunately Marvel may want to keep taking shots at Sony and Fox, which means the X-Men may be relegated to a movie once every three years.

Which wouldn’t be that bad, as long as Brett Ratner stays far away from the Children of the Atom.

How ridiculous am I for caring this much about the X-Men?


4 comments on “#1015 – Scott, Jean, Ororo”

  1. I’m a little suspicious of Secret Wars too. It looks like the perfect opportunity for Marvel to scale back the mutants and continue moving the Inhumans to the forefront. Especially if the unnecessary Wanda/Pietro retcon is anything to go by.

    I don’t mind the Inhumans, but the X-Men are pretty important to me so I hope they are not benched for good!

    1. I think retconning Wanda and Pietro is very necessary, at least for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel can’t use the word “mutant” in any of its movies. So making the Maximoffs Inhumans or something else makes a lot of sense. Marvel can retcon all it wants; I just want to be able to read new X-Men stories.

  2. Hm, so is this what’s actually motivating the collapsing Marvel universe? So Sony won’t want to make movies of those characters? Fascinating. I had no idea, not really following the House of Ideas. That would be a shame, no more FF or X-Men (“no more mutants,” indeed) in the books.

    I am especially confused as to why Hollywood can’t get the FF right. It’s not a difficult concept.

    1. Fox will keep making X-Men and FF movies and Sony will keep making Spider-Man movies. I think Marvel wants to make sure everything it controls in the theaters has strong connections in its books, which leaves some teams and heroes on the outside looking in. I do kind of like the idea of Marvel punishing Fox and Sony for making substandard movies.

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