#1012 – Tuesdays with Peggy: Time and Tide

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Last week Agent Carter delivered another strong episode. Unlike Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter has gotten out of the gate quickly. The show’s creators have a grasp on its identity and what they want it to be.

“Time and Tide” continued Peggy’s search for Howard Stark’s missing weapons. Apart from the main plot, the episode also further developed Edwin Jarvis’s character, giving us a glimpse into his dedication to his wife. I really do enjoy Jarvis and could watch him team up with Peggy for a long time.

Here are some other thoughts I had about the episode.


In one of the most intense scenes of the episode, Peggy makes a sacrifice in order to keep her mission for Stark a secret. She makes an intentional mistake that keeps Jarvis out of trouble but makes her appear incompetent to the other agents. Peggy sacrifices her own reputation in order to help Jarvis. I am very prideful and probably care too much about my reputation; Peggy’s act seems almost unthinkable, but it is also very inspiring. Jesus showed us that true love is placing the needs of others above our own. Peggy placed the needs of Jarvis and Stark above her own, providing an example by which we could be inspired.

Higher Purpose

Peggy is able to sacrifice her own reputation because she’s serving a higher purpose. She’s attempting to clear the name of her friend, Howard Stark, while also trying to find out who Leviathan is. Her life has a larger purpose to it, beyond filing and making coffee for the SSR. If we don’t have a larger purpose in our lives, then we probably won’t be willing to make any sacrifices or really do anything beyond ourselves. Following Christ doesn’t give us the opportunity to take down super villain organizations, but it does still give us a purpose. As followers of Christ we are called to spread his kingdom throughout this world in all that we do. We can do that as students, business people, doctors, nurses, teachers, mechanics and retail employees. We just need to see the higher purpose we’ve been given and wholeheartedly embrace it.


I don’t think I could ever live a double life. Just watching what Peggy goes through is exhausting. Her double life really limits the number of people in her life with whom she can openly communicate. Really, Jarvis is the only person in her life with whom she can be completely honest. No one in the office knows about her secret mission for Stark and her friend, Angie, doesn’t even know anything about the SSR. I may not like talking about my day very much, but I know I have people in my life who want to hear about it. Running youth group may not be as exciting as saving the world, but at least I can tell Alycia about it when I get home.

I really am enjoying Agent Carter, especially the relationship between Peggy and Jarvis. I certainly hope that all the loose ends get resolved, especially considering there are only five more episodes. Speaking of episodes, there isn’t a new one this week so Tuesdays with Peggy will be on hiatus for two weeks.

What did you think of “Time and Tide?”


1 comments on “#1012 – Tuesdays with Peggy: Time and Tide”

  1. This was an outstanding episode, although what Peggy did with the file was a little unclear to me and I had to have my wife explain the implications. Guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention. You’re right, though; once I get it, I am inspired by it!

    I was really moved by Jarvis’ devotion to his wife.

    Too bad we have to wait another week for the next installment! Marvel is really hitting a home run with this mini.

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