#1010 – Nerdy Winter Movie Preview

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As always the winter is a little slow for nerdy movies. Two of the biggest nerdy movies ever come out this year, but we have to get through April before we get to the first. We’ve got a few options to tide us over until Age of Ultron, but it might be best to just spend some time brushing up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here are some of the nerdy movies coming out over the next few months.


Project Almanac – January 30



What would happen if a bunch of irresponsible teenagers invented time travel instead of Doc Brown? Project Almanac seeks to answer that question. I’m definitely not in the target demographic for this movie, as I haven’t watched MTV for over a decade. Thankfully I’ll be on a high school retreat on January 30 so I won’t have to worry about seeing this movie.



Jupiter Ascending – February 06



I still like the Wachowskis as filmmakers. I didn’t see the second two Matrix movies, which means they didn’t have a chance to ruin the first one. And I also really liked Cloud Atlas; I thought it was a tremendous and sprawling science fiction epic. Jupiter Ascending looks like a mix between the epicness of Cloud Atlas and the action of The Matrix. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while and hope to check it out, even with Channing Tatum in the lead role. I haven’t always liked Tatum in the past but, since he’s going to be Gambit, I’d better get on board.



Kingsman: The Secret Service – February 13



I loved what Matthew Vaughn did with X-Men: First Class and I also enjoyed one of his earlier efforts Stardust. Kingsman looks like a lot of over-the-top fun. Colin Firth looks like he’s having the time of his life and Samuel L. Jackson was made to play ridiculous villains. I haven’t read the comic upon which the movie is based, but that hasn’t impacted my desire to see some British people get all crazy.



Chappie – March 06


I didn’t see Elysium but District 9 is still one of my favorite science fiction movies. District 9 did an amazing job of using science fiction to address deeper issues of humanity. Chappie, the most recent effort from Neill Blomkamp, looks to follow in District 9’s footsteps. Sometimes the best way to examine humanity is to examine artificial intelligence; it worked with Data on The Next Generation and in the grossly underrated A.I.

Insurgent – March 20


I didn’t see Divergent and I haven’t read any of the books. In fact, to be honest, I haven’t even watched the trailer I’ve posted below. If you’re on board, you’re probably excited for Insurgent. If you’re not, you might just go see Chappie again.

There aren’t a lot of great nerdy options this winter but that’s OK. A few slow months at the beginning of the year are worth a cornucopia of nerdy movies come summer.

What nerdy movies are you looking forward to this winter?


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