#1008 – New Age of Ultron Trailer


AOU Title

I was disappointed by the outcome of the College Football Playoff Championship Game. As a west coast kid I was pulling for Oregon to finally plant its webbed feet on top of the college football mountain. Oregon couldn’t stop Ohio State’s running game, though, and Donald and company went home sad.

While I was unhappy about the game, I was very excited for the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer that premiered during the game. You can watch the trailer below.

The trailer is very similar in theme to the first trailer. It again utilizes the creepy version of “I Got No Strings,” which still makes my skin crawl. I thought the trailer was again effective in communicating the sheer terror of Ultron as well as giving some deeper insights into the plot of the film.

Here are some other thoughts I had while watching the trailer.

  • Hawkeye gets to be a good guy again! I read that Jeremy Renner was upset about his role in The Avengers because he didn’t really have a role; he spent most of the movie as a lobotomized servant of Loki. It looks like he gets to be heroic for Age of Ultron.

AOU2 - 01

  • “This vulnerable world? It needs something more powerful than any of us.” “Everyone creates the thing they dread.” I wonder if Tony creates Ultron to act as a more powerful protector of humanity. It would seem he was on that path with all of his automated suits of armor in Iron Man 3. Ultron may be the fruit of that labor, but instead of humanity’s protector he becomes the harbinger of its doom.

AOU2 - 02

  • Who’s that? (That’s a rhetorical question. Please do not spoil anything for me).

AOU2 - 03

  • “You’ve meddled in something you don’t understand.” Ever since Thor learned humility he sure has ridden a high horse.

AOU2 - 04

  • The trailer makes it look like Scarlet Witch is attacking Iron Man. I would love to see she and her brother take on the Avengers before turning against Ultron.

AOU2 - 05

  • That’s a lot of Ultron Sentinels. I don’t know if they’ll be as easy to kill as the Chitauri.

AOU2 - 06

  • Never mind. It looks like Ultron is the one who shoots red crap at Iron Man.

AOU2 - 07


AOU2 - 08

  • Marvel is really pushing the Hulk vs. the Hulkbuster fight. It looks pretty awesome but I hope it can live up to the hype.

AOU2 - 09

  • James Spader may be the most perfect casting in a Marvel movie since Robert Downey, Jr.

AOU2 - 10

I don’t think I can get more excited for Avengers: Age of Ultron. This trailer and any subsequent trailers are just going to keep feeding my already fervent excitement. I do really want to see Vision, though; I’m probably most intrigued by his inclusion in the film. Thankfully it’s already 2015 and Age of Ultron will hit theaters in less than five months. I’ll just have to play a lot of Marvel’s Contest of Champions to tide me over until then.

What did you think of the new trailer?


2 comments on “#1008 – New Age of Ultron Trailer”

  1. Speaking of video games, I have been playing the Marvel Super Heroes starter pack of Disney Infinity with my kids. It is a LOT of fun. It’s complex enough to keep me interested, but, since it is aimed at kids, not so complex that I get frustrated.

    I have no idea of what half the things you talk about in this post are, you Marvel guy you, but agree that the movie looks cool 🙂

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