#1002 – 2015 Nerdy Resolutions


It’s the New Year and time for everyone to start making their resolutions. There are obviously the common ones of losing weight, eating better and spending less money. I’m all for those resolutions and getting healthier both physically and financially. For us nerds, though, 2015 represents a brand new year to make the most of our favorite nerdclinations. 2015 will give us a new Avengers movie, new Marvel series on Netflix and, most importantly, a new Star Wars movie.

As we get started with 2015 here are some of my nerdy resolutions.


  • Daredevil: Last year I resolved to watch Lost or Fringe. I never got around to that and really only kept up with Brooklyn Nine Nine, Parks and Rec and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. So in 2015 I’m not going to resolve to watch any old shows but I will keep up with Agent Carter and Daredevil, which comes to Netflix this May.


  • The Dark Tower Series: Last year I also resolved to continue reading The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I kept that resolution and I’m currently reading the fourth book in the series Wizard and Glass. I’ve really enjoyed the series and hope to finish it off by the time 2016 rolls around.

TFA 07

  • Spoilers: I really want to avoid spoilers this year. Avengers: Age of Ultron doesn’t come out until May and The Force Awakens doesn’t come out until the week before Christmas. I’m happy to watch trailers but that’s about as much as I want to know going into two of the biggest movies of the year.


  • Video Games: I got an Xbox One a few months ago and haven’t really played it that much. For some reason I thought that getting an Xbox One would magically give me more time for video games. Unfortunately it mostly just sits there and that makes me sad. I want to play more video games in 2015; perhaps I can get some hours in on the current gen before the next gen arrives.


  • The Walking Dead: I still resolve to not watch The Walking Dead. Jesus is the only zombie I need in my life.


  • Chicago Cubs: I want to resolve to watch a lot of Cubs games this year. That really has to do with them, though, and how well they play. Things are looking up in Wrigleyville and I hope that Back to the Future II was right about 2015 being the Cubs’ year.

I’m excited for 2015 and a new year full of new opportunities. Mostly I’m excited that God is still good and has seen fit to give me at least one more day to do his work in this world. And, God willing, all of us will have another 359 days of 2015 to love God, love others and love our nerdclinations.

What are your nerdy resolutions for 2015?


3 comments on “#1002 – 2015 Nerdy Resolutions”

  1. I somehow missed that you were reading “Dark Tower” and am intrigued to hear you enjoy it. I’ve never given it a chance, mostly because it is so long; but have been intrigued every now and then. I may try it now that I know you like it.

    I don’t have too many nerdy resolutions this year, but do want to re-read “Dune” for its 50th anniversary, and also — in a resolution that crosses nerd and general culture — I want to watch Wagner’s Ring cycle. It’s a major cultural work of fantasy of which I have zero knowledge. Also, like the Dark Tower, it’s so long…. but I’m gonna give it a go.

    1. The Dark Tower is very long but I have been enjoying it. I’ve never read any of King’s other works but Roland’s tale has kept me engaged. I might join you some day in reading Dune as I’ve never read it nor seen the movie.

      1. Well for sure read the book first. Then, if you want to watch a film adapation, watch the then-still-Sci-Fi Channel’s miniseries, circa 2002. Save the way weird but still kind of cool 1984 film for last 🙂

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