2014 Top 5 – #5: #890 – Big Hero 6 Trailer

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The fifth most popular post on The Christian Nerd this year was about the first trailer for Big Hero 6Big Hero 6 came out almost a month ago and I’ve yet to see it. My inability to see it, though, didn’t seem to impact the popularity of this post.


Walt Disney Animation Studios has been on a tear recently. Three of its most recent projects have been pretty spectacular.

Tangled didn’t have the best music, but the story was great and Rapunzel was more than just a damsel in distress.

Wreck-It Ralph was extremely creative as it perfectly melded the worlds of movies and video games.

Frozen is a smash hit. I love Frozen and so did everyone else, as its $1.2 billion box office has made it the highest grossing animated movie of all time and the fifth highest grossing movie of all time.

This November, Walt Disney Animation Studios is hoping to keep its current run going with Big Hero 6, the trailer for which you can see below.


Big Hero 6 is actually Disney’s first animated movie based off of a Marvel property. Though, from all of the marketing, you wouldn’t know this has anything to do with Marvel. If Marvel’s name was plastered all over Big Hero 6’s marketing, I imagine people might think it falls in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And associating a new digitally animated movie with Frozen can’t hurt.

I don’t know much about Big Hero 6. I know it takes place in the city of San Fransokyo and features Baymax, the big white guy in the trailer. I don’t know who the villain is and I don’t have any idea who the team members are. The trailer, though, gives the impression that Big Hero 6 will be high on comedy and action.

I don’t know if Walt Disney Animation Studios can ever match the success of its “Golden Era.” The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King are classics that children will be watching until Jesus returns. The past few years, though, have brought new life to Walt Disney Animation Studios. And with Pixar relying more on sequels, Walt Disney Animation Studios may be poised for a comeback.

And just because it’s absolutely hilarious, check out the first teaser trailer for Big Hero that came out a few months ago.


Are you thinking about checking out Big Hero 6 in November?


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