#993 – Marnie the Dog

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I love a lot about the Internet.

I love the immediacy of information.

I love connecting with people from all over the world.

And I love Marnie the Dog.

Marnie is my favorite Internet celebrity. She is a rescue dog who lives in New York. She has 710,000 followers on Instagram and has a wonderful story of how she found a loving home. A lot of people think she’s weird looking, but I absolutely love her.

Every time I see a picture of Marnie on Instagram or Twitter it brightens my day. I think she’s completely adorable. Her personality comes through in all of her pictures and her videos. I love seeing how happy she is to have found a home.

Ever since Alycia and I got our dog, Elphie, I have found myself loving every dog in the world. I love dogs on the Internet and I want to hug every dog I see. My life isn’t terrible but I have my bad days and my difficult seasons. Whenever I find myself in one of those darker times, though, my dog or a picture of Marnie always encourages me.

There’s a lot in the world that can bring us down. If we can find encouragement in anything, then we should seek that out. Jesus is our ultimate encouragement, but I’m all right with him using Marnie the Dog to brighten my day.

What does Jesus use to brighten your day?


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