#977 – Guardians of the Galaxy Digital Release


Guardians of the Galaxy was easily one of my favorite movies of the year. It and Captain America: The Winter Soldier are vying for the top spot on the list of my favorite movies from 2014. At this point, though, The Winter Soldier has a leg up because it is out on Blu-ray. I’ve already watched The Winter Soldier from the comfort of my own home and could easily do it again. Today, though, The Winter Soldier loses that advantage.

Today marks the release of Guardians of the Galaxy on digital download. I only saw GOTG once in the theater and Alycia never saw it. So the temptation to spend $19.99 on iTunes is strong, like Infinity Gem strong. I’d happily give into that temptation if it weren’t for the fact that Guardians of the Galaxy is coming out on Blu-ray in three weeks along with a digital copy. So I can spend $19.99 now and then another $24.99 in three weeks, pretty much wasting $20 because I’m impatient.

I really hate when God puts very practical ways of growing spiritual fruit in my life. Patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit, one which I haven’t done a very good job of cultivating. As many have said before, asking God to help us be more patient will probably lead to more opportunities to be patient. I wish God would just send me a box of cookies that could make me more patient. Instead he puts me behind old ladies writing checks at the grocery store and has Guardians of the Galaxy come out on digital download three weeks before Blu-ray.

Sometimes we want our spiritual growth and development to be this grand, flashy thing that will make an incredible story. We will all have those moments in our life. The majority of our spiritual growth, though, will happen in the small, pedestrian occurrences. A story like David waiting 15 years to become king is a great way to learn patience. But if I can’t be patient in waiting to buy a movie, then how could I expect to be patient waiting over 15 years?

We should embrace the small opportunities we have to grow and change. If we embrace each of those opportunities then we won’t necessarily need something flashy to become who God wants us to be; we’ll already be on our way there.

Do you have plans to purchase Guardians of the Galaxy? If you buy the digital release today, can I please come watch it with you?


4 comments on “#977 – Guardians of the Galaxy Digital Release”

  1. And that’s probably even a blu-ray/DVD/digital combo, right? If it doesn’t show up under the Christmas tree, I will probably spend some gift $ (Santa willing) to add it to my library. I’m becoming more finicky about what I buy to keep, but GOTG will definitely be in it. What a surprisingly fun and heartfelt film it turned out to be!

    Nice connection to the disciplines of patience. If you discover the key, let us know!

    1. Most of my impatience is over things that don’t really matter. So if I can view something as objectively as possible, that helps me be more patient. Like buying GOTG early is an emotional response; I beat it back with a logical one.

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