#972 – Nerdy Soldiers

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Due to some issues downloading the most recent episode of Doctor Who from iTunes, my review of “Death in Heaven” will be postponed until Thursday.

In the United States today is Veteran’s Day. I never served in our nation’s military but I am grateful for all of those who have. I know that the freedoms I enjoy and take for granted every day were earned by the service of brave men and women. In honor of Veteran’s Day and those who have served, here are some of my favorite nerdy soldiers.

Captain America


Captain America is the Super Soldier. He came to prominence in World War II and has been protecting America and her ideals ever since. I actually never really liked Captain America. I never read his comics and I would scoff any time someone chose to play as Cap in Marvel Ultimate Alliance. However, Captain America has been my favorite hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chris Evans is great as the Captain. I love how Steve Rogers started with the heart of a hero, unlike Thor and Tony Stark; Steve just needed a body to match. I imagine that same hero’s heart can be seen in many of our servicemen and women.



G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t good, but it was definitely a lot of fun. The worst part about it, though, was probably Channing Tatum as Duke. Duke was a hardened veteran, not some pretty boy who could pass as a male stripper. That’s why I prefer to remember Duke as he was in the cartoons, leading G.I. Joe against the evil forces of Cobra. I liked Duke’s no nonsense approach and how he was always focused on getting the job done. I did always wonder, though, whether Duke or Flint was in charge. Sometimes it seemed like Duke was the big boss and other times it seemed like Flint was the top Joe. I suppose it doesn’t matter because everyone knows that Snake Eyes was the coolest.

Master Chief


Master Chief is one of my favorite video game heroes of all time. He’s up there with Mario and Sonic in my book. In fact I pre-ordered Halo: The Master Chief Collection for my Xbox One. I’m excited to play through Master Chief’s adventures again. What I like most about Master Chief is his ability to inspire those around him. Every time Master Chief walks into an area with other marines they cheer and are encouraged to keep fighting. We should feel that same inspiration when thinking about the veterans in our lives who have done so much to serve us.

I’d happily take a real-life veteran any day over any of these nerdy soldiers. They’re the real heroes keeping us safe and ensuring our freedom. Because of them we can watch super hero movies and write about them on the Internet. We can also gather together to worship our God, without fear of reprisal. Thank you so much to all of the veterans who have served me by serving our country. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Who are some of your favorite nerdy soldiers?


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