#970 – The Force Awakens

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The Force Awakens

For the past few weeks Marvel and DC have been trying to one up each other. Both studios held huge press conferences and events to share their big news with a world anxious to hear. The king of nerdclinations, though, came over the top. With a single tweet Star Wars reignited the passion of its worldwide audience.

Yesterday morning the official Star Wars Twitter account shared the below tweet.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 12.09.58 AM

I was so used to all of the fanfare of Marvel and DC that I couldn’t believe Episode VII‘s name (which may not even include “Episdoe VII” anymore) was first revealed in a simple tweet. Lucasfilm didn’t rent out a theater or schedule a one-hour special before Star Wars: Rebels. Lucasfilm simply shared a tweet letting us know that The Force Awakens had completed principal photography.

I’m excited about the title. I have done a good job of avoiding spoilers so the title is my first real clue as to what Episode VII is about. It conjures up images of new Jedi and potentially new Sith as the force reawakens. Every little bit of official news about The Force Awakens reminds me that Star Wars was and always will be my first nerdy love.

Others didn’t seem as excited over the title, though. My Twitter feed was full of people tripping over themselves to be the first to make a joke about the title. Social media have jaded us. Instead of simply appreciating news about one of the most beloved nerdclinations, we have to view that news through snark-colored glasses. Then, after looking down our noses long enough, we turn to social media to share our wittiest quip and our most cutting remark.

I know that the prequels weren’t great, but I choose to hope for the best. I hope that The Force Awakens is everything that I love about Star Wars. I love Star Wars and want it to be great. Others say that they love Star Wars but only want to point out why it’s not as great as it was.

In general nerds like to be pessimistic and complain. I’d rather be positive and focus on the good. There’s enough in this life to really weigh us down. We shouldn’t allow our entertainment to do anything but entertain us.

How do you feel about The Force Awakens?


1 comments on “#970 – The Force Awakens”

  1. “… and potentially new Sith …” – Yes, this occurred to me, too! I think it’s a good title. My 13-year-old son was underwhelmed, though, so I wonder how it’ll play with a demographic the franchise really needs to keep if it wants to live long and prosper (apologies for crossing the streams).

    I really love how you spun this story into a lesson on thinking positive and being optimistic. It’s a word I needed to hear this morning! We live in a jaded and callous world, and sometimes I really wish Jesus would just hurry up and come back and make it all better. But since the Lord is tarrying, I guess it’s up to us, with his Spirit’s help and strength until then!

    May the *real* Force be with you Scott! Have a good weekend!

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