#965 – TIE Fighter



Earlier this week a friend sent me a cryptic text message. It said, “You can play TIE Fighter now. Are you happy?” I had no idea what the text was referencing. I quickly learned that LucasArts was planning on rereleasing TIE Fighter as a digital download compatible with modern Windows operating systems. My Asian eyes bulged out of my head at the possibility of again playing the best Star Wars video game ever. The game was released the next day and I can happily say that I’ve already piloted a TIE fighter, a TIE interceptor and an Imperial gunship.

If you’ve never played TIE Fighter, you’re really missing out. You take on the role of an Imperial pilot thwarting the Rebels after their escape from Hoth. Missions involve inspecting freighters, destroying Rebel fighters and escorting important Imperial officials. Along with the standard missions, there are secret missions that directly serve the wishes of the Emperor.

I loved TIE Fighter 20 years ago and I still love it today. The graphics aren’t updated at all from the original, but the gameplay is still just as deep, just as challenging and just as rewarding. Even though I’m eliminating Rebels and strengthening the Empire’s tyranny, I can’t help but want to destroy every enemy ship and complete every mission for the Emperor.

It’s amazing how playing a video game can take me back to a time when I was 13 and sitting in front of my friend’s computer. Our computer couldn’t run TIE Fighter but my friend’s could. I spent so many afternoons at his house trying to advance up the ranks of the Imperial Navy. It was so much fun back then and it is just as much fun today.

I’ve played a lot of Star Wars video games and TIE Fighter is still my favorite. After probably 15 years, I’m very happy to be playing it again.

You can buy TIE Fighter for $9.99 at GOG.com.

What’s your favorite Star Wars video game?


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