#944 – Hate-tober



No, I haven’t join the ranks of the Westboro Baptist Church or any other organization that spews and supports hatred. I still firmly believe in Jesus’s call to love God and love others. However, I do have to get something off my chest.

I hate October.

For most of my life it seemed like October was just another month. Nothing incredibly special set it apart from any of the other 11 months. In recent years, though, people have celebrated October 1 like it was V-J Day. People count down to October and share their excitement through pumpkin, ghost and fall leaves emoji.

I’ve never really liked October but everyone else’s passionate love for the month has turned my dislike into hatred. Here are some of the reasons why I hate October.

  • Southern California: I love everything about southern California and often ask Jesus to let me live here forever. However, southern California doesn’t really have anything that people love about October. It’s still 95 degrees outside, palm trees don’t have leaves to change color and we’re in the middle of a severe drought. A pumpkin spice latte loses some of its charm when the temperature outside is hotter than the drink in the cup.
  • Pumpkin Spice: Speaking of pumpkin spice, who decided we needed pumpkin spice everything? I already have strong feelings about pumpkin pie and now those feelings are spilling over into October from November. Pumpkin spice has gone from a latte at Starbucks to a ubiquitous flavor and scent infesting every product available. At Target yesterday I saw pumpkin spice bagels, English muffins, coffee creamer and Oreos. Pumpkin spice was fine as a novelty at Starbucks but we don’t need hundreds of other ways to ingest it.
  • Daylight Saving Time: While Daylight Saving Time may not end until November anymore, it does start getting darker much earlier in October. I hate when it gets dark early and not just because I want to play until the streetlights come on. I really feel the time change and get a little grumpier in the fall until the winter solstice. I may not always like the heat of the summer but I love the long days.
  • Horror Movies: I love going to the movies but there isn’t single release this month that I want to see. I hate October movies; they’re just a bunch of horror schlock. I have no desire to go to the theater and see a found footage film of a demon doll killing an entire family. I also have no desire to go to the theater and see a room full of people tortured and killed by increasingly gruesome means. I’m glad I don’t have cable because then I’d be forced to see even more commercials for Annabelle.
  • Halloween: The biggest reason I hate October is Halloween. As a kid I loved Halloween and when I have kids I will love Halloween with them. At this point in my life, though, I can’t stand Halloween. Adults have hijacked Halloween and turned it into another hedonistic holiday. For a lot of adults Halloween is just an excuse to wear too few clothes and drink too much alcohol. Halloween is the worst and I can’t wait until we can get on to real holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Obviously God is good and grace abounds so there’s not too much to be upset about. If we are going to complain, though, then we should complain about October because it’s the worst. Thankfully we only have 29 more days to go until we get to November and can forget about October for another 11 months.

What do you hate about October?


5 comments on “#944 – Hate-tober”

  1. Aha! Your own “flibbedy floo” comes to the fore, at last! 🙂

    I will admit I am not onboard with the whole monthlong celebration of Halloween. “Back in my day,” it occupied two weeks, tops, of my attention. I have no objections to the holiday per se, but holidays, as with so much else in life, only remain special if they remain special – i.e., if you don’t have them all the time.

    I like October. I like fall, and spring, because they are Goldilocks seasons (here on the East Coast, anyway): not too hot, not too cold, just right. Also, it is the last relatively slow-paced month before “The Holiday Season” sets in to make us miserable for eight weeks. (Flibbedy floo!)

  2. I can’t stand when people think it’s okay to sin via committing random acts of violence towards people just because it’s Halloween and women thinks this is a free pass to degrade themselves.

  3. My birthday is October 18th, so I find it highly upsetting that my birthday month (yes, whole month:) is hijacked by Halloween. The holiday itself does hold a great deal of reservations for me, beyond it becoming an excuse for extreme immodesty. Essentially, the holiday is a celebration of death and demonic activity. That’s something I can’t get on board with.

  4. Fall in SoCal is a joke. Let’s talk when the daytime highs are in the 60’s.

    I love all things pumpkin. Sorry. No budging there.

    Halloween & I have come full circle. As a child I loved dressing up & getting candy. But as a teen & young(er) adult I had to figure out where my personal line was in regards to appropriate costumes & activities- which ultimately ended with me passing out candy to kids at home & not much else. But now, Halloween has become fun again. I look forward to dressing up my toddler in a ridiculously cute costume & eating her candy over the following days. Halloween & I have come full circle.

  5. I still kind of like October because of the old scary movies on tcm. But if you want to see a great scary movie you should go see the Remaining it is a amazing movie.

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