#937 – Doctor Who-esday: Time Heist

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Series 8 of Doctor Who just keeps getting better and better. I though last week’s episode, “Listen,” was the best of the series but “Time Heist” gave it a run for its money.

“Time Heist” had the feel of a classic caper movie. I enjoyed seeing the team come together, each member with his or her own unique abilities. I also liked the twist that the Doctor was the Architect, which made complete sense. And I loved that the ultimate goal of the heist was altruistic, reuniting the Teller with his mate.

Here are some thoughts I had while watching “Time Heist.” 


Teamwork is a regular theme on The Christian Nerd. The Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Doctor’s heist team all utilized teamwork. The Doctor couldn’t have broken into the Bank of Karabraxos alone; he needed Psi, Saibra and Clara. Teamwork is a constant theme in our favorite nerdclinations because its core to who we are. We were created in God’s image and God exists in perfect relationship with the Trinity. God exists in relationship and we were created to be in relationships. Which is why we need others, to maximize our strengths and make up for our deficiencies.

Professional Detachment

“Oh, is that why you call yourself the Doctor? Professional detachment.”

A lot of people haven’t really warmed up to Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. I think that has to do with what Psi identified in the above quote: the Doctor’s detachment. The Twelfth Doctor seems rather distant and cold, especially compared to Matt Smith’s Doctor. When the Eleventh Doctor saw Clara for the first time in a while, he picked her up and gave her a massive hug. When the Twelfth Doctor saw Clara for the first time in a long time, he acted like he barely knew her. The Twelfth Doctor seems to keep people at a distance and barely cares when someone dies. However, when Psi and Saibra showed up after the Doctor thought they had died, we saw a little more of his actual heart. The Twelfth Doctor cares, he just doesn’t wear his heart on his bow tie like the Eleventh Doctor.

What Do You Want Most?

When Psi and Saibra had apparently died, I thought they were nothing more than Whovian Red Shirts. Thankfully there was a lot more depth to their characters and they weren’t just cannon fodder. Psi broke into the bank because he wanted to restore his memories. Saibra broke into the bank because she wanted to cure her mutation tobe close to another person (sounds like another mutant I know). Psi and Saibra most wanted something that was a benefit to them. The Doctor, however, most wanted something for someone else. The Doctor was willing to risk his life to grant Ms. Karabraxos’s dying wish as well as to reunite the Teller with his mate. Psi and Saibra were justified in their desires but, more often than not, we should follow the example of the Doctor. As followers of Jesus we’re called to serve others and place their needs above our own. The Doctor modeled that behavior and we can too.

Every episode of Series 8 seems to get better than the last. “Time Heist” was a great episode that combined elements of teamwork, suspense and the timey-wimey. If you would like a different perspective on “Time Heist” or any other Series 8 episode, please check out Mike’s TARDIS Talk at The Sci-fi Christian.

What did you think about “Time Heist?”


1 comments on “#937 – Doctor Who-esday: Time Heist”

  1. *Love* the connection of Team Not Dead to the Trinity. Awesome and exactly so. And I agree that Doc 12, while still mostly detached, is attaching a little more, and it’s great to see. (I’m not quite sure of the internal logic, if any, that made him regenerate as such a cold and aloof figure, given that he’d just spent centuries valiantly and passionately defending Trenzalore, and vowed he “would not forget one line of when [he] was the Doctor.” Oh, well.)

    This episode grew on me over several viewings. Initially, I really thought there was not much there. But, as you show, there definitely is. It doesn’t rise to “Listen” levels for me, but it is another outstanding entry. Series 8 is great, and I need to start saving my pennies for the box set (assuming Moffat & Co. don’t blow it in the home stretch!)

    Thanks for the shout-out to the SFC, too!

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