#930 – The Batmobile

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Few super heroes are as iconic as Batman. Even though I am a staunch supporter of Marvel Comics, I have to admit that Marvel may not have a hero as iconic as Batman. Captain America, Iron Man and Wolverine are great heroes, but they don’t hold the same place in the public conscious as Batman.

Batman is so iconic, that even his accessories are iconic.

Batarangs are iconic.

The Bat Signal is iconic.

And, of course, the Batmobile is iconic.

Earlier this week Zack Snyder released the first official image of the new Batmobile from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I like the look of Batman’s new whip, as it combines elements from Burton’s and Nolan’s Batmobiles.

The Batmobile has been iconic for many years. Here’s a ranking of my favorite Batmobiles. 

#1 – Batman


My favorite Batmobile comes from 1989’s Batman. I wasn’t allowed to see Batman in the theaters, but I’ve made up for missing it via VHS and DVD. 25 years ago Burton’s version of the Caped Crusader seemed so dark and so realistic. Compared to Nolan’s trilogy, Batman feels a little campy. Campy or not, I love this Batmobile. It is sleek, stylish and always brings Danny Elfman’s score to mind.

#2 – Batman


While it is infinitely campier and not nearly as sleek, I love Adam West’s Batmobile. I remember watching Batman every Saturday afternoon. I loved all of the “Pows” and “Bangs,” as well as the revolving Rogue’s Gallery. The television Batmobile definitely seemed a lot more practical than other versions, even though it had a button to meet each episode’s specific needs. As a child I didn’t understand the tongue-in-cheek nature of Batman, but I didn’t need to because the Batmobile was so cool.

#3 – The Dark Knight Trilogy


Christopher Nolan definitely created a more realistic Batman universe. Thankfully he ditched the neon and nipples of Shumacher’s movies and created something much more compelling. I like Nolan’s Batmobile, mostly because it abandon’s form for function. It’s definitely not as sleek as Burton’s, but Nolan’s Batmobile looks like it could clean up Gotham City on its own, even without a driver.

#4 – Batman Forever and Batman and Robin


I Googled both of these Batmobiles and they looked very similar. These two movies got more and more ridiculous, as did their respective Batmobiles. If Nolan’s Batmobile was all about function, Schumaker’s Batmobiles were all about toys. They look absolutely ridiculous in a movie but totally cool in toy form. 12-year-old boys love big fins, big wheels and bright lights, which is exactly what Schumacher gave them. I was 13 when Batman Forever came out and I loved the movie and the Batmobile. 20 years later I still love the movie, not so much the car.

The Batmobile is almost as iconic as its driver. I’m still unsure about Batman v Superman but I’m definitely on board with the new Batmobile.

What’s your favorite version of the Batmobile?


1 comments on “#930 – The Batmobile”

  1. Adam West’s, no question. This new version is the Nolan Tumbler on steroids. And machine guns on the hood? I know this isn’t the first version of the Batmobile to bear arms, but, holy Second Amendment, Batman! I have real trouble believing the Caped Crusader would pimp his ride with guns.

    I also betcha this Batmobile is *not* low emissions.

    I feel a “flibbedy floo” coming on, so I’ll stop now. Meanwhile… “Atomic batteries to power! Turbine to speed!”

    (What I’d really like to see is for Bruce Wayne to make a Batmobile… out of a DeLorean. I can hear a young Michael J. Fox saying the line in my head right now…)

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