#919 – Routine

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This week we kicked off both our high school and junior high midweek programs. After a long summer of beach trips and summer camps, we’re back to having youth group every Tuesday and Wednesday.

It was great to see our students again. Our ministry takes a couple weeks off during August when school begins so I hadn’t seen some of our students for a while. I was excited to see them again, to hang out and to spend some time talking about Jesus.

Along with being excited to see our students, I’m also excited to get back to a regular routine.

Working in youth ministry, my summers are a lot like the summers we had as kids. Instead of going to work and doing the same thing every week, summer finds me at camp one week and at Magic Mountain another week. I love the variety of the summer but there is also some value in routine.

A lot of people don’t like routine; they feel like a routine is boring or puts them in a rut. I love finding a good routine and knowing what to expect week in and week out. From now until next summer my weeks are going to be pretty much the same.

Church on Friday and Sunday.

High school small groups on Sunday night.

High school youth group on Tuesday night.

Junior high youth group on Wednesday night.

Some people may find that kind of routine monotonous but I feel like it allows me to thrive. Instead of wondering what’s next or what I should be doing, I know exactly what’s next and I know exactly how I should be spending my time. With such a set routine I know when I have time to spend with God, I know when I have time to work out and I know when I have to time catch a holy nap.

Whether we like routine or not, time is one of our most limited and valuable resources. If a schedule helps us make the most of the time God has given us, great. If freedom helps us make the most of the time God has given us, great.

However we’re wired we have a limited amount of time to glorify God through our work, our play and our relationships. We should embrace whatever helps us glorify God with our time, whether we’re a free spirit like R2-D2 or a schedule follower like C-3PO.

What helps you maximize your time for God’s glory?


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