#914 – Marriage and Baptism

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Wedding Day

Earlier this week I shared about my growing love for baptism. I love seeing adults, teenagers and children take the step of baptism and publicly declare their commitment to Christ. I had the great opportunity to baptize three of our students, which was only made better by the fact that I baptized two of them with Alycia.

Today Alycia and I celebrate our fourth anniversary. In light of those in my life who have been married for 20, 40 and 60 years, four years doesn’t seem like that much. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed these past four years especially partnering with my wife in ministry.

Alycia and I met because we were both doing high school ministry at our church. Ministry is such an integral part of our life together. Even if I wasn’t a youth pastor I know that Alycia and I would be serving together in some capacity. The sweetness of serving with my wife was very much highlighted as we baptized two students together.

The two students are in Alycia’s small group of girls. The girls wanted Alycia to help baptize them because she has been instrumental in their growth and development. As beautiful as my wife is, she’s never more attractive to me than when she’s allowing God to use her to impact the lives of students. I love seeing her leading and guiding her girls, directing them towards Jesus.

My youth pastor and his wife set an amazing example of how to blend marriage and ministry. They taught me that marriage and ministry couldn’t be separated from the other parts of our lives. Ministry is a lifestyle as is marriage. I’m grateful that I found someone committed to making ministry part of our marriage and marriage part of our ministry.

I’ve had plenty of reminders for why I said, “I do” four years ago. Standing in that baptistry on Sunday, though, with Alycia may have been one of the greatest reminders.

How have you seen marriage and ministry partnered together?


1 comments on “#914 – Marriage and Baptism”

  1. I’m sure you can remember your grandmother abd me who had 60 years of marriage/ministry together. It is a wonderful blessing seeing it carried forward in our children and grandchildren. God bless you and Alycia as you continue the tradition, ,

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