#913 – Episode VII Spoilers



I really love the Internet.

I spend a majority of my days connected to my phone, MacBook or some other device.

I love the speed at which I can get information, from sports scores to international news.

I love connecting with people via Twitter and iMessage, building upon the foundation of real life relationships with virtual bricks.

There are a lot of reasons to love the Internet but I really hate it when it comes to Episode VII spoilers.

Episode VII doesn’t come out for another 484 days. That’s almost 500 days I need to spend avoiding spoilers about the next chapter in my favorite space opera. Earlier this week headlines like Gamma Squad’s “Leaked Star Wars: Episode VII Picture and Rumors Connect a Whole Lot of Dots” made me tense up as I read them. I don’t want to see leaked pictures or have dots connected for me. I prefer to connect the dots for myself as I sit in a theater.

The problem with whatever this spoiler is that today it’s treated like a spoiler. In a few weeks, though, everyone will just assume we’ve looked at that spoiler and it will be treated as general knowledge. So while I’m just trying to read about Harrison Ford’s injury, I’ll read that Threepio becomes a Sith like Grievous and kills Mara Jade. And no matter how hard I try, I won’t be able to forget that information in 484 days.

I know it’s my responsibility to avoid spoilers. I’m definitely not some sort of spoiler Nazi. We should, though, be considerate of others.



I felt terribly when I showed someone who hadn’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy the video of dancing baby Groot. In that moment I wasn’t very considerate and potentially took something away from his experience with the movie.



So I’m not going to seek out spoilers but I hope others are considerate enough not to throw them in my face. Jesus calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves. I would love not hearing spoilers about Episode VII so I am going to love people in the same manner. Hopefully they will return the favor.

What’s your attitude towards spoilers?


3 comments on “#913 – Episode VII Spoilers”

  1. Like you, avoiding/ignoring them as best I can. I doubt Ep VII can recapture the freshness and novelty of seeing Ep IV in 1977 as a kid, but I’d like it to have every chance it can. I am surprised (well, not really) more folks don’t feel the same way.

    Flibbedy floo. 😉

      1. Back in MY day, we didn’t HAVE “spoilers.” If we wanted to know things in advance about MOOOVIES before we SAW ’em, we had to read BOOKS and NO-VEL-I-ZAAATIONS, and nobody cried about knowin’ too much in-for-MA-tion because if you did, you had only your darn fool self to blame! And that’s the way it was, and we LIKED it! We LOOOOVED it!


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