#908 – MTG Addict



When I was in junior high a brand new card game entered the tabletop scene. I loved HeroQuest, I dabbled in pen and paper RPGs but I found my game in Magic: The Gathering. When I got severely ridiculed for playing MTG at school, though, I abandoned the game even though I absolutely loved it.

In January of this year, though, I rekindled that love. I bought a Deckbuilder’s Toolkit and jumped back into Magic feet first. In the months since, I have purchased numerous packs as well as a two whole booster boxes. I’m constantly tweaking my decks, looking for any advantage, and my other duelers and I are always looking for even the slimmest of opportunities to play.

I’ve never been actually addicted to something and I don’t mean to make like of addiction, but I’m addicted to MTG.

Magic hasn’t kept me from work or engaging with my friends and family, but I kind of wish all of my friends and family wanted to engage with me through Magic. I just have so much fun sitting down and pitting my deck against another. It’s fun to see how the decks play out and whether or not I have the cards necessary to win. And when I don’t win, even though I get a little cranky, I still just want to play more.

The best part about my MTG experience is how it’s brought me closer with a few friends. I’ve never played Magic at a game store and I don’t know if I’m up for that kind of competitive play. But for the two friends that I play with all the time, we’ve definitely grown closer because of Magic. Even though we’re dueling and attempting to defeat each other, we still have plenty of time to talk about our lives while playing.

Building relationships may just be a good excuse for playing Magic, but I can live with that. If I can have fun playing a game I love and build relationships while doing it, then I’m going to keep on shuffling up and living my life seven cards at a time.

Have you ever played Magic?


5 comments on “#908 – MTG Addict”

  1. I love MTG! I just recently got into it (probably about 4-5 months ago), and I am really enjoying it. The level of strategy involved is unreal, and the possibilities for combinations in decks is what really turns my crank. I have also found the same as you-it was a good way to get closer to some friends. I have gone to an MTG Thursday night play at a game store (free entrance, no specific format), and I enjoyed it. I’ve found that the type of people who play MTG are much more apt to be friendly and patient with new players. I’ve always thought that nerds are the nicest people around!

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