#891 – Gathering is Good

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When I was younger my parents made me go to church every Sunday. Even when we were on vacation, we’d manage to find ourselves in some random church on Sunday morning.

As a kid I didn’t really like going to church. I mean I liked it, but like any kid I would have rather slept in or spent my Sunday mornings watching cartoons. The weekends were short and two hours on a Sunday at church could have been better spent playing with G.I. Joes or reading comic books.

I’m thankful for the habits my parents instilled in me as a child. Even though I didn’t always want to wake up for church on Sunday, I’m grateful that they made me do it. They rhythm of going to church every weekend is engrained in my life, so much so that I get thrown of when I miss church.

This past month has been a little crazy with camps and VBS. I realized that between getting ready for trips and teaching our Bible classes, I hadn’t just sat in service for a month. Even though I was doing the Lord’s work, I still missed meeting with the Lord’s people.

Being fully committed to Christ involves service and ministry. We’re not saved by works, but it’s the works that make our faith active and fun. Even though doing the Lord’s work is fun and necessary, we still can’t give up simply meeting together with the Lord’s people.

This past Friday, as I sat in church for the first time in a long time, I felt refreshed to gather together with the body of Christ. I was encouraged to see my friends and familiar faces that I had missed. I felt like the rhythm of my life, which had been a little off, had finally fallen back into sync.

I’m grateful that my parents took me to church every week. Because of their faithfulness, church isn’t just something I have to do, but it’s a part of my life’s rhythm. As much as sleeping, eating and spending time with friends, going to church is a part of my life. When I miss gathering together I feel it. And when I do gather together, it’s good.

How do church services fit into your life’s rhythm?


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