#887 – Doctor Who Into Darkness

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August is shaping up to be one of my favorite months.

I’ll finally get to see Guardians of the Galaxy.

I’ll get to take a little time off from work after a busy summer.

I’ll celebrate my fourth anniversary with Alycia.

I’ll get to join the Twelfth Doctor as he begins his adventures in the TARDIS.

During Sunday’s World Cup Final, the BBC released a new trailer for Series 8 of Doctor Who, which you can see below.


Like Star Trek, the Doctor is apparently going into the darkness. After the kinetic shenanigans of Matt Smith, I’m looking forward to the intensity of Peter Capaldi. I love that each actor brings something new and different to the Doctor. Matt Smith brought a youthful exuberance and Capadli looks like he’s going to bring a smoldering fierceness.

I’ve seen some rumors that there are scripts for Series 8 somewhere online as well as a rough cut of the first episode. I have no desire to read those scripts or watch that cut, but I have heard that they’re pretty spectacular.

I’m excited for Doctor Who; I haven’t had a nerdy show to nerd out over for a while. I haven’t been this into a sci-fi show since Battlestar Galactica. And while I loved that ragtag fleet’s search for Earth, Doctor Who is quite a bit more encouraging and hopeful. Just like I couldn’t wait to find out who the Final Five were, I can’t wait for the new Doctor.

I’m especially excited to see how Clara interacts with the new Doctor. When Matt Smith made his debut he got brand new companions. Like Rose Tyler, though, Clara will be with the Doctor through his regeneration. That relationship offers a great dynamic, which will add some depth to the new season.

Doctor Who is great because it can bring people together. And even if I sat alone and watched it, I’d still be filled with anticipation to see the TARDIS fly again.

What about Series 8 most excites you?


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