#873 – Star Wars Night

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Camp is a fluid situation. Time that was set aside for blogging can often an unexpectedly be hijacked by something else. In light of the fluidity of camp, here’s a repost about one of my proudest moments as a youth pastor.

I may have had one of my favorite youth ministry moments ever yesterday.

Star Wars Night at summer camp.

We pick a different theme for each night and then our students dress up for that theme. We’ve done different themes throughout the years but last night’s theme was special.

I love Star Wars.

I love student ministry.

I love summer camp.

It all worked so perfectly together.

The amazing thing about our theme nights is how much energy our students put into them and how much they pull our group together. The students all get excited to work on their costumes and then they’re happy to wear them to dinner. That’s the most shocking thing: high school students will dress like they’re going to Comic Con and proudly walk in front of 600 of their peers.

Our students are willing to do that because we all do it together. Dressing up, having fun and being silly is a great way to build community. I know it’s only putting on costumes, but I feel like our theme nights have been instrumental in building unity within our youth group.

There is tremendous power when we know we’re not alone. God didn’t create us to be isolated beings; we reach our fullest potential when we are with other people. Even as an introvert, I have to admit that I’m at my best when I’m with others. (After I’m at my best, though, I need some time to be at my alonest).

We need community in our lives, practically any way we can get it. We’ve helped God create community within our group by dressing up and being silly. And when I saw all my students dressed up for Star Wars Night, I don’t think I could have been prouder.

In what ways have you seen God develop community in your life?


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