#870 – Star Trek on Netflix



Netflix might be heading to the final frontier.

Apparently a lot of people stream Star Trek on Netflix because Netflix checked in with CBS about making a new Star Trek series. Unfortunately there are a lot of complications in bringing Star Trek back as a series. If it could be profitable enough, though, I’m sure those complications could be worked out.

I am dying for a new Star Trek series; I even wrote an open letter to CBS about it. I have no idea what a new Star Trek series would look like. Here are some questions I’d have about any potential new series.

  • In which universe would the new series take place? Star Trek created an alternate universe that is completely different from that of the other movies and series. I imagine that Netflix would want to capitalize on the popularity of the new movies and set its series in the alternate universe.
  • In what time would the new series take place? The Next Generation was one of the most financially successful television series of its time. It might make sense to push the timeline forward for a new series and keep it separate from the new movies. I wouldn’t want to see a reboot of The Next Generation but it would be sweet to see a new series dealing with some of the same storylines.
  • Would the new series take place on a starship? Star Trek was born on a starship and it would need to be reborn on a starship as well. I love Deep Space Nine but Star Trek is at its best when focusing on a crew exploring the depths of space. It would be spectacular to spend time on a new ship with a new design. The Galaxy­-class was amazing; the Intrepid-class left something to be desired, much like Voyager itself.

Netflix has had a lot of success with its original content. I haven’t watched House of Cards or Orange is the New Black but a lot of people enjoy them. If Netflix strikes streaming gold with its Marvel series, then hopefully CBS will get it together and let Netflix boldly go where no one has gone before.

What would you like to see in a new Star Trek series?


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