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I haven’t tried to hide my love of sports. While this is a blog mostly dedicated to nerdclinations and their intersection with faith, I still love sports. I spend as much time reading about Guardians of the Galaxy and Episode 7 as I do watching sports and listening to sports talk radio.

I love the Cubs, the Bears and the Warriors.

Even when the Cubs are nearly the worst team in baseball, like they are this year, I’ll still follow along hoping to see a win.

I love fantasy football but have sat some of my best players when they’re going up against the Bears. I don’t want to have to root for some wide receiver or running back to score a touchdown against my beloved Monsters of the Midway.

I’ve only been a Warriors fan for three years but Steph Curry is quickly becoming one of my favorite athletes.

I love and support a lot of teams, but there’s nothing quite like watching the U.S. Men’s National Team in the World Cup.

Yesterday the USMNT played its first match against Ghana. It was a bit of revenge match since Ghana has eliminated the USMNT in each of the past two World Cups. Clint Dempsey scored the U.S.’s first goal in the first minute if the game. Then, after giving up the equalizer in the 82nd minute, John Brooks scored the game-winner four minutes later.

I cheered more loudly when we scored our two goals than I have for any other sporting event in recent memory. And I only ever use the plural possessive when discussing our American teams and competitors. When talking about the Cubs, Bears or Warriors, I never say “we;” I’m not on the team, I don’t own a portion of the team and I’m not associated with the team in any way.

When it comes to the USMNT, though, or our Olympic athletes, I always say “we.” The USMNT is representing the United States in Brazil and, as an American, they are representing me. I take a lot of pride in our national team and my excitement reached peak levels when we won yesterday.

I know that the United States isn’t perfect and it’s responsible for some injustice in our own country and around the world. When we acknowledge the bad, though, we also need to acknowledge the good. The U.S. does a lot of good in the world, which still makes me proud to be an American.

Especially when we win our first match in the World Cup.

Have you caught World Cup fever?


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