#864 – Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie

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For my 13th birthday my parents got me my very first video game system. I had always wanted a Nintendo but it wasn’t until the Sega Genesis that I had my own home console. I was so excited to open the box, set up the console and play the game that came with the system: Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

I loved Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It will always have place in my heart because it was my first video game, but I also loved the gameplay. I especially loved the casino level because, even as a 13-year-old, I had a strange obsession with Las Vegas.

But I never thought while running through levels and collecting rings that I wanted to see Sonic in his very own movie. The idea of a super fast hedgehog and his deformed fox sidekick doesn’t really seem like it could carry a movie. Apparently I don’t know anything, though, because Sony is developing a CGI/live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

While I may not understand a Sonic movie, here are some other video game movies I would definitely pay to see. 

Mass Effect


I recently restarted Mass Effect 2. I had played it for 10 hours but then didn’t play it for a couple of months. Instead of trying to figure out what I was doing and catch up on the story, I just started a new game. I love the first Mass Effect; it’s one of my favorite games on the 360. I would love to see Commander Shepard on the big screen. Mass Effect is set in an exciting universe filled with aliens, alien worlds and the opportunity for some huge action sequences. The plot would definitely need to be condensed for a two-hour movie, but hopefully the excitement would still be there even without all the details.

Knights of the Old Republic


I enjoyed the prequels even though they were a little disappointing. Thankfully, though, Knights of the Old Republic helped fill the void created by Jake Lloyd and Geroge Lucas’s wooden dialogue. KOTOR was an immersive Star Wars experience unlike any other. It really provided the player the opportunity to play the role of a Jedi, complete with lightsabers and force powers. I know Disney is focused on new episodes and spinoffs, but I would love to see a KOTOR movie. In all of the Star Wars movies the Sith have been small in numbers. It would be great to see a horde of Sith dueling a gaggle of Jedi. And maybe we’d get to see some variety in Sith lightsabers; red gets a little boring.

Cyborg Justice


The 16-bit generation of video games was filled with generic side-scrollers. Most video games didn’t have goals more complex than keep moving right. A bright spot amidst a sea of bleak side-scrollers was Cyborg Justice. Cyborg Justice had a loose plot of human astronauts crash landing on an alien robot planet. The humans were turned in cyborgs and spent the rest of the game seeking justice. They sought justice by beating up other robots, stealing their appendages and wreaking havoc. It was a simple button-masher but I could easily play it all afternoon. Now that I’m thinking about it, Cyborg Justice sounds a lot like Robocop in space, which wouldn’t be a bad thing as long as Paul Verhoeven directed it.

I don’t even know what a CGI/live-action Sonic movie would be about. Hopefully they’re not planning on bringing Sonic into our world like The Smurfs. I would be more willing to watch it, though, if Sony got Sam from Game of Thrones to play Dr. Robotnik.

What video game movies would you like to see?


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