#863 – Science and Fiction

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I definitely love the fiction part of science fiction more than the science part. I have never been very good at science. In both high school and college I managed to squeak out a C in biology. I wouldn’t have passed my astronomy class in college but my professor let me retake a few tests.

Even though I’m not very good at science, I am very fascinated by science. I especially love astronomy and the study of outer space. I could stare up at a starry sky identifying constellations for hours on end. I may not be able to tell you how long an AU is or why Mercury is in retrograde, but I love everything about space.

My fascination with space has definitely flamed my love for Star Trek, which is why I’m so intrigued by this story that involves both the science and fiction pieces of science fiction.

International Space Station Commander Steve Swanson had some fun when designing the patch for his upcoming mission to the ISS. Swanson took the logo (seen above) for the Yan-Isleth, the Klingon Brotherhood of the Sword, and incorporated it into his mission patch, which you can see below.


That is a stunning piece or nerdery. Not only is Swanson an astronaut and a genius, but he is also a nerd of the highest degree.

The Klingon Brotherhood of the Sword isn’t as well known as the Obsidian Order or the Tal Shiar. The Brotherhood is an obscure order that protects the Klingon High Chancellor. The Brotherhood is only mentioned in one episode of Deep Space Nine, yet Swanson chose it as the basis for his patch.

I’m a giant nerd but my nerdiness doesn’t really add anything to the world. Steve Swanson is a giant nerd but his nerdiness is helping push humanity further into the final frontier. I may not be as smart as Swanson, but at least we both like Deep Space Nine.

Hopefully he hates Voyager too.

What’s your favorite science part of science fiction?


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