#862 – Star Wars: Battlefront


Star Wars Battlefront

Life is full of ebbs and flows.

Our craving to eat at a specific restaurant may come and go.

Our passion for a particular nerdclination may rise and fall.

Our desire to press on with a book or television series may wax and wane.

My desire for a next-gen consoles has gone through its own ebb and flow. When the Xbox One and PS4 were announced, I started saving any Best Buy gift cards I got. After their release, though, my passions waned and I used my gift cards to buy an AppleTV instead.

But E3 has reignited my fire for a next-gen console, especially this trailer for the new Star Wars: Battlefront.

The first Battlefront was one of my favorite games on the original Xbox and I was upset when the rumored Battlefront III was canceled. The above trailer, though, has me excited again for the Battlefront series.

Unfortunately the trailer also fanned the flame of my desire for a next-gen console. I haven’t really even thought about getting an Xbox One or PS4 since November. But hearing John Williams’s score beneath that trailer pushed me to think about different plots and schemes to acquire an Xbox One or PS4.

This is why contentment is so difficult. Just when we’re getting satisfied with what we have, something new comes along to remind us that we can’t live without it. This weekend I didn’t care about owning a next-gen system and now all I want to do is buy an Xbox One and play the new Battlefront.

I’m not even thinking about the three consoles I have plugged into my TV right now or the four consoles I have sitting in my garage. I’m definitely not thinking about the tens of video games that I haven’t played. And I’m totally ignoring the fact that there are myriad better ways to spend $500.

Our desires do ebb and flow. Today I can’t think about anything other than an Xbox One. Tomorrow, though, a new box of Magic cards will fill my mind and then I might dream about a new pair of running shoes.

We shouldn’t allow our lives to be dictated by our desires because they change more frequently than Mystique. God, on the other hand, is the same yesterday, today and forever, which is even better than a new Star Wars game.

What news from E3 has you excited?


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