#861 – Nerdy Armies

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This past weekend I preached at church. We’re in a series called Hello…My Name is God; we’re looking at the different names of God throughout the Bible. This past weekend we looked at the name Yahweh-Sabaot.

Yahweh-Sabaot translates as Yahweh of Hosts, Yahweh of Heaven’s Armies or Yahweh of Angel Armies. For the purpose of my sermon I used the translation God of Angel Armies.

We need to see the reality that Yahweh-Sabaot, the God of Angel Armies, is always with us. David saw Goliath but knew that Yahweh-Sabaot was with him. Elisha saw the Aramean army but knew that there were angel armies protecting him.

I am grateful that there are angel armies protecting us and that God is leading them. But I also wouldn’t mind one of these nerdy armies getting my back.

Elven Army


The Two Towers is my favorite of the Lord of the Rings movies. They’re all great movies, but the battle at Helm’s Deep gets me every time. I love the preparations for the battle, I get goose bumps when the elves show up and I freak out every time Gandalf saves the day. The humans have heart but the elves have style. The elven soldiers are just as lethal with their bows as they are with their swords. I would feel pretty safe if Haldir showed up with his friends to protect me.

Clone Army


I haven’t watched The Clone Wars yet; it’s on my Netflix docket when I’ve got a few hours to waste. I’m sure that I’ll like the clone troopers much more after spending a few seasons with them. They are definitely excellent troops who know how to take orders and get the job done. Unfortunately the Emperor also implanted a kill switch into them. Instead of killing themselves, though, the clone troopers turned on the Jedi and killed them instead. I’m not a Jedi, though, so I think they’d still do a good job of protecting me.

Mobile Infantry


Starship Troopers is awesome. Paul Verhoeven is a master of over-the-top and tongue-in-cheek action. Starship Troopers makes me laugh almost as much as it makes me cheer the dissecting of bugs. While the smarter and more talented soldiers ended up in the navy and Military Intelligence, the stronger and more resourceful ended up in Mobile Infantry. Any group that enlists Casper Van Dien and Jake Busey is the group that I want protecting me.

I know that clones and Johnny Rico don’t have anything on angel armies, but they’re still pretty sweet. Thankfully, though, we don’t have to worry about Uruk-hai or giant bugs, mostly because they don’t exist but also because the God of Angel Armies is always on our side.

What nerdy armies would you like on your side?

You can listen to my sermon here.


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