#860 – Biblical Spinoffs

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Earlier this week Lucasfilm announced that Josh Trank would direct an upcoming Star Wars spinoff. Trank is best known for the super hero origin movie Chronicle, which I enjoyed. Trank is also directing the rebooted Fantastic Four, which is taking on more of a coming-of-age tone.

Rumors suggest that Trank might be directing a Han Solo origin movie. I wouldn’t mind seeing Han Solo’s origin but I’m still holding out hope for a Rogue Squadron spinoff.

In honor of the upcoming Star Wars spinoffs, here are some biblical spinoffs. 


Joshua had huge shoes to fill. Joshua first showed up in Moses’s story and spunoff into his own adventure. Joshua was side-by-side with Moses through the wilderness and then took center stage as the Israelites entered the Promised Land. Joshua was a great leader who was humble enough to learn from Moses. Joshua understood that Moses had been selected by God and didn’t try to overstep his position. Joshua waited until it was his time to spinoff and led his people into the Promised Land.


Elijah and Elisha are two of the most confusing characters in the Bible. Not only are their names extremely similar, but Elisha is also a spinoff from Elijah. Along with Moses, Elijah is one of Israel’s greatest prophets. And like Joshua, Elisha had some massive sandals to fill. Elisha didn’t make the people forget about Elijah but he did have his own successful spinoff. Elisha received Elijah’s mantel, Elisha helped direct the people to God and he also called down a bear attack on some punk kids.


Paul may be the most successful spinoff of all time. He only had a bit role in the story of Stephen, the first Christian martyr. But Paul parlayed that role into the most impactful Christian missionary of all time. Paul had a Thanos-like cameo in Stephen’s story, but a few chapters later Paul was the star. Not only did Paul take top billing in Acts, he also ended up authoring most of the New Testament. Hopefully the upcoming Star Wars spinoffs will be as successful as Paul.

Every day it seems like there’s another breaking Star Wars story. The sheer volume of Star Wars news is almost too much for me to handle. Hopefully the new trilogy and all of the spinoffs will be great. If they aren’t, it will make all of this waiting seem tremendously wasteful.

What are some of your favorite biblical spinoffs?


1 comments on “#860 – Biblical Spinoffs”

  1. “Thanos-like cameo” brilliant. Although I can’t imagine Thanos being converted on the way to Damascus. As for spin-offs, I think Peter’s is pretty phenomenal especially his denial of Jesus and triumphant return to lead the church.

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