#859 – Fiesta

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Some nights I wonder what I’m still doing in youth ministry and other nights I feel as invigorated as when I first started.

Last night was definitely one of the latter.

This week we kept our ministry summer going with a Fiesta on Tuesday night for our high school students and Wednesday night with our junior high students. We played kickball, ate nachos and hit a piñata.

I loved the time with our high school students but it was especially fun to hang out with our junior high students.

We had a lot of our new seventh graders show up for their first event. It was such a blast to hang out with them. Their excitement to be at church on a Wednesday night without their parents was palpable. It was more than palpable; it was infectious.

I’m starting my 16th year in student ministry and my eighth year working at my church. The average tenure for most youth pastors is about three years. I can’t even imagine spending only three years at a church. I have had so much fun and have learned so much in my time at CBC. And last night was a great reminder of what I love about student ministry.

I know that student ministry isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. But we all need to find some ministry that inspires and invigorates us.

God hasn’t just redeemed us for our own good; he has redeemed us for the good of the world around us. The greatest part of being chosen by God is that it also means we’ve been called by God. I know that I’m saved by grace and not by works, but it’s the works that make being saved so much fun.

I don’t regret any of my last 15 years in student ministry. If God had wired me for worship ministry or bulletin-stuffing ministry then I would have enjoyed those as well.

Service and ministry may not always be a fiesta, but there is nothing more fulfilling or rewarding.

How have you felt fulfilled or rewarded through serving?


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