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#WWDC is not a hashtag asking “What Would Daniel Choose?” Though Daniel regularly chose to follow God over and above anything else. So asking “What Would Daniel Choose?” would probably lead to a lot of wise choices. However, I wouldn’t want to follow Daniel’s choices when looking at a menu. I like meat too much to choose what Daniel chose.

#WWDC actually stands for World Wide Developer’s Conference, Apple’s annual event in which it lays out changes to its operating systems. I’m not a huge Applephile, but people who are were pretty excited for the conference.

For me the conference got off on the wrong foot when it opened by insulting my beloved hometown, Rancho Cucamonga. Sure Yosemite is more majestic, but Rancho has every chain restaurant you could want. Who wouldn’t want to associate their operating system with Chili’s and the Cheesecake Factory?

I have a hard time understanding the passion people have for technology, especially when it comes to mobile devices.

At the WWDC Apple announced iOS 8, the newest version of its mobile software. I have an iPhone and an iPad; I love them both dearly. However, as soon as Apple announced the changes it was making in iOS 8, the floodgates were opened and everyone had something to say.

Applephiles were gushing over the changes to iOS. Predictive text, more integration with OS X, a Siri that is always on and other updates are going to change the world, according to Applephiles.

Droid fanboys, though, spewed out enough hate to cover up all the praise. The Droid side argued that the changes to iOS were finally catching up to where Droid phones have been for years.

I’m happy that I’ll be able to mute people or group messages, but I’m not about to waste my time singing the praises of Apple or belittling the features of Droid. We only have a limited amount of passion and emotional energy; we shouldn’t waste it on something like mobile devices.

That being said, I expend a tremendous amount of passion and emotional energy on my favorite nerdclinations. I’ve spent almost three and a half years blogging about my favorite nerdclinations. I hope, though, that my passion for nerdclinations pales in comparison to my passion for Jesus and my loved ones.

I’m all for hobbies and interests and being passionate about those hobbies and interests. We can’t let our passion for any hobby though, whether that’s video games, mobile devices, work or super heroes, take away from our passion for Jesus.

Mobile devices and work may not look like the idols of the Old Testament, but they can definitely fill that role in our lives. And unless we’re intentional about keeping God on the pedestal in our lives, he could be replaced.

And my iPhone is amazing but not nearly as amazing as God.

How do you keep from idolizing your favorite passions?


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