#837 – Star Wars Rebels Trailer

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In Revelation Jesus admonishes the Ephesian church for abandoning its first love. The Ephesians loved Christ more than anything, he was their first love, but that love had waned. Like a candle dying as it nears its end, the Ephesians’ love for Jesus was slowly burning out.

My love for Jesus isn’t dying out, but my love for my first nerdclination had grown a little cold.

I love Star Wars; it really started me out on my nerd path. After the prequels, though, there wasn’t a lot to look forward to. I never watched The Clone Wars and I didn’t want to entangle myself in the web of the Expanded Universe outside of the Thrawn trilogy.

On this past Star Wars Day, though, I felt my love for Star Wars growing again. Like the Grinch my heart was growing with all of the excitement over Episode VII, the cast being revealed and the new trailer for Star Wars Rebels, which you can see below.

I’m excited for Rebels. I’m interested to see the beginnings of the Rebellion after the fall of the Jedi. Rebels looks like it will focus on a small team of Rebels, but hopefully we’ll get to see more. I’d love to see the role Bail Organa plays in the early Rebellion as well as a young Mon Mothma. I would also like to see a young Mon Mothra in a Star Wars/Godzilla crossover.

I love that the Star Wars universe is picking up again. I’ve had plenty of Star Trek and Marvel over the past few years but have really been missing my first love. Of course I’ve watched the movies here and there, but there’s nothing like having a brand new movie to look forward to.

Thankfully, unlike Star Wars or any of our favorite nerdclinations, there’s always something to look forward to with Jesus. Jesus is infinite and his mercies are new every morning. Instead of having to make due with the old things he has done, we can always look forward to the new thing he wants to do in our lives.

How’s your excitement level for Star Wars these days?


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